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Though Australian cities are worldwide known for their charm and allure but the rural regions of Australia are in the league of their own. Gippsland is the rural region of Australia in the Victoria, known for its postcard locations, amazing seafood and diverse wilderness stretching across. Gippsland is known for the famous Ninety Mile Beach – one of the largest interrupted beaches, picturesque lakes and vast marine species.  Besides, the laid- back attitude of the locals is another reason to pack the bags and take a tour of Gippsland.


Gippsland is located in the south- eastern part of Victoria, Australia. Perched beside the Tasman Sea, it is known for its several popular destinations such as Philip Island, Ninety Mile Beach, Gippsland Lakes and others.


Indigenous Australians were the first inhabitants of the area like many parts of Australia. During the 1830s, European settlement began with by the arrival of a Scottish explorer Samuel Anderson.

A Polish explorer Paweł Edmund Strzelecki led his expedition albeit unknowingly and gave the name of the region as “Gippsland”. The name was supposed to be in the honor of his sponsor George Gipps.

Things To Do In Gippsland

The vast and diverse area of Gippsland offer huge opportunities to explore and enjoy. From seas to forests to snowfields- every inch of the region is full of natural beauty.

There are striking differences in the geographical features of East and West Gippsland. West Gippsland is known for lush green forests and booming dairy production whereas East Gippsland features rocky terrain, majestic beaches and lakes.

Wilsons Promontory is an extremely popular location because of its coastal beauty and those walking trails. It is located a just three hours drive away from Melbourne. The flora and fauna are in abundance. Wilson Promontory National Park is situated at the Southern most part of the mainland of the Australia.

Enjoy the locally made award winning wines and the fresh farmer’s market products here.

Travel through the Great Alpine way and explore the several tourist destinations. Mount Buffalo National Park is famous for mountain biking and horse riding activities.

Ninety Mile Beach is popular for fishing, swimming, and surfing and sailing.  Lake Entrance, situated on the edge of Ninety Mile Beach is another holiday spot famous for amazing seafood and water sports.

There are several towns in the Gippsland known for their local products such as wine and dairy and also for their rich history. Bairnsdale is particularly famous as the base town for exploring Gippsland Lakes and Mitchell River.

Buchan Caves are 300 million years old limestone caves. There is a complex chain of caves forming a colorful maize are a sight to behold. The guided tours are available for detailed information within the cave reserve.

Croajingolong National Park spread across 100 km long stretch of coastline is a World Biosphere Reserve. It features the huge diversity of landscape as well as wildlife’s species. With over thousand species of native plants and marine lives and 300 species of birds; it consists of the third of Australia total.

The vast area of Gippsland has diverse geography. The region as a whole is known for various adventurous activities such as mountain biking, trailing, hiking, surfing and a whole lot of other activities.


The Gippsland Lakes are the largest inland water system in the Southern Hemisphere.

Interesting Fact

The limestone rock of famous Buchan is believed to be about 300 – 400 million years old, of the Devonian period.


What did you enjoy the most? The food, wine or beautiful lakes? We would love to know about your personal experiences. Do share your memories and photographs here.

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