10 Must see Australian Theme Parks

You Will Love These 10 Best Australian Theme Parks

If you are looking for, a day of fun with the family or on a date, try one of these thrilling Australian theme parks. There are many theme parks all over Australia, but we are going to take a look at some of the top ones that offer games, rides and more. They all boast something fun for the whole family. Keep the whole family entertained in an environment which is designed to thrill. The added benefit is that the children have so much fun during the day, you get a restful evening!

1.Dreamworld, Gold Coast

This is one of the top ranked theme parks, not only in Australia, but in the world. It is a water park as well as an amusement park.  There are 9 big thrill rides for the adventurous as well as a bunch of family-friendly rides.  You can also visit Tiger Island which allows you a close-up encounter with a number of Tiger species.  There are also various shows for the whole family.

2. White Water World, Gold Coast

This is a water park, one of the largest in Australia and boosts 8 big thrill rides. There are over 20 other slides for the whole family to enjoy. This is a must if you love water and fun. This park is a sister park to Dreamworld and has a lot to offer for a day out with the kids.

3. Seaworld, Gold Coast

Another amazing place to visit in the Gold Coast is the marine park, Seaworld. This marine wildlife park boasts interesting rides and plenty animals such as polar bears, seals, dolphins, rays and sharks. There is plenty to keep everyone busy and entertained for a fun-filled, entertaining day for everyone.

4. Adventure World, Perth

Adventure World is best known of the world-class roller-coaster “Abyss” which cost over $12 million to build. There is also a well-known water-slide here known as the “Kraken” which originally cost over $7 million to set up.  This park has more than 28 rides to keep you entertained. This is another one of the top-ranked theme parks that are a definite must to visit if you are in Perth.

5. The Beachhouse, Glenelg Australian Theme Parks

Although this may not sound like an amusement park, The Beach House is a must visit theme park if you are on a budget. It is free to enter and rides are only $2 each. You can also buy time cards which allow for unlimited rides within a certain time.  Some of the amusements offered by this theme park include arcade games, water-slides, mini golf, play castles and dodgem cars.

6. Warner Bros. Movie World, Gold Coast

Another fun theme park on the Gold Coast is the Warner Bros. Movie World park. This theme park is based on a movie set and you get to view many famous movie sets, see how movies are produced in the studio and perhaps even meet up with a favorite superhero. There are also many superhero-themed rides for the whole family to enjoy. For something a little different, this is a great option for a day of fun and facts.

7. Wet Side Water Education Park, Hervey Bay

This park was originally created to be an entertainment as well as educational theme park by the Water Bay Water Corporation. This park is free to enter and offers education on water conservation as well as fun playing in the water.

8. Jamberoo Action Park, Jamberoo

This water park in Jamberoo has 10 different water worlds for you to explore. With a mass of slides and rides as well as a variety of pools of different levels for every age group and level of daring. Check out the world’s largest spider sculpture on the Funnel Web ride if you aren’t arachnophobic!

9. Big Splash Water park, Canberra

If you are in Canberra, make sure to visit Big Splash on a nice warm day. There are 9 slides, a large 50m pool as well as a number of kiddie pools so everyone can cool down. If you are up for a thrill, try the super speed roller coaster or the twister slide to get your blood pumping.

10. Luna Park, Sydney Australian Theme Parks

Sydney boasts this amazing theme park which not only offers thrilling rides but also some amazing views. Entry is free but you would need to purchase tickets for the rides. There are also annual and unlimited passes for the whole family that can be purchased if you end up loving this park as much as we do. There is another Luna Park in Melbourne as well if you are out that way.

Whatever park you choose to visit, we are sure that you will have a wonderful day out with the family and will want to return again and again to take in all the sites and entertainment on offer at these top class theme parks in Australia.

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