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Atherton Tableland

As world’s sixth largest country, Australia is bestowed with diverse geographical features that one can hardly get acquainted in one visit. No asking, the country is huge!!! The gorgeous islands, the bustling cities, the pristine beaches, and the untamed wilderness – all the aspects of the country make it a hot spot of international tourism. Mother Nature has graced Australia with the immense beauty and Atherton Tableland is a prime example of that. No wonder, it remains a hot cake among the tourists. The typical countryside charm intermingled with stamp mark Australian wilderness and the rugged terrains; you would like to enjoy this plateau with a calm cadence!!

Location of Atherton Tableland

Blessed with a tropical climate, this plateau is located west to south- west inland from the city of Cairns, Queensland, Australia. The Atherton tableland is an extremely fertile area with beautiful scenic farmlands.


According to the historical records, this tableland was found of J.V. Mulligan in 1875, but it was John Atherton, who settled here in 1877 is responsible for the name Atherton Tableland. The Atherton Tableland is full of colorful history. It was also inhabited by the Chinese, who contributed enormously in the area of cultivation. Still, the great Chinese legacy can be witnessed by the presence of the remains.

Atherton Tableland also served as a station to the Australian troops in the World War II before the deployment to the front.

Things to do

Tourism contributes largely to the economy of the tableland and that is why there are some of the greatest delights available for the tourists. The alluring greenery, the mystic waterfalls, natural wilderness and the daring terrains, the Atherton Tableland invites everyone, all around the year because of its ideal temperate climate.

About one hour drive from Cairns, you can witness the lush rainforests and mystic waterfalls present a postcard view, and the most important of all you can explore by a self- drive service!!

  • If you are into the Wild West world charm, Mareeba is the place for you! It hosts Australia’s best rodeo. Charm yourselves with bull riding, rustic cowboys and loads of country music!!!
  • Lake Tinaroo, a hugely popular tourist spot, not only conferred with enormous natural elegance but also known for its water sports. Go for waterskiing, boating or shoreline lolling or cruise around to enjoy the wonderful sunset. You can also enjoy Barramundi fishing given; you have permission from the local authorities.
  • Another great place for an idyllic picnic and spotting turtles; a wholesome place for a family holiday is Lake Eacham and Lake Barrine – both are part of the wet forests, considered as a world heritage. Lake Barrine can be especially romantic with its cute cottages, tea houses, spas and all the grandeur of the flowers. Oh, the romance is literally in the air there!!!
  • Millaa Millaa, a 12 m fall is one of the most photographed places, boasts the waterfalls around the area. Swim around!!
  • Atherton Tableland is wildly known for spotting the rare mammals – the platypus along with tree kangaroos. Not lacking is the birds; An Australian flightless bird the Cassowary is a sight for sore eyes for wildlife lovers.
  • Atherton Tableland is also the getaway for the Australian outback, with widespread stretching Savannah grasslands
  • Hou Wang Temple – a symbol of Chinese dominance that once was, Tyrconnel historic goldmine and Mt. Mulligan fulfill the historical quota of the journey.


  • The extreme fertile land of the Atherton Tableland is ideally suitable for agriculture but due to its altitude and climate, the dairy farming is also a thriving business.
  • The rich deposits of coal, tin and gold attracted many explorers to this area.

Interesting Fact

Atherton Tableland was the site of the Australia’s most recent volcanic eruption. Occurring 10,000 years ago, it contributed heavily to soil fertility of the area.

Atherton Tableland still remains tucked away peacefully and untouched. Its serene beauty will win your heart and give a much- needed break for the hustle and bustle of the city life.

We loved to visit the Wild West of Atherton Tables particularly, what did you like? Waterfalls? Romantic Lake Barrine? Do share your wonderful moments with us and let the whole world know about your experiences. Share your views, pictures here.

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