Best Weapons To Use For Self-Defence In a Post-Apocalyptic World (Top 10) Part 2

Self Defence Weapons In a Post-Apocalyptic World (Top 10) Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the post-apocalyptic training. In case you missed the first part, click here. Without any further due, let’s continue with real weapons.

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1. Okay, ready or not, it’s time for real firearms. Whether we like them or not, they’re inevitable in situations like these. So, it’s best to start with something small and simple to use, just like with any weapon – fire of cold. The most adequate handgun for a beginner is Springfield Armory. It’s not too big, it’s light and easy to use. And it also has a 13+1 bullet which should be more than enough. Besides, you probably have another magazine in reserve and a bunch of rounds. Both men and women can use it. But, please, before you start shooting, go to a shooting range and let the professionals teach you.

2. Are you ready for a second handgun? Because the power of this one is almost like a rifle. It’s a 500 Magnum, and it’s not quite for beginners, so you’ll have to turn your practice into a fulltime job, including the weekends. It’s highly dangerous and, like every other weapon on this list, should be used under supervision.

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3. So, now that you presumingly know how to properly use a handgun, let’s start with something a little more powerful. The most recommended shotgun for beginners is Mossberg 5000. “Home defence or otherwise” – says on the website. Let’s just assume that “otherwise” stands for defence in a post-apocalyptic world. It has 8 rounds, it’s very precise and effective. You could most likely use it for hunting as well. Again, first practice at a shooting range.

4. This might sound funny, but it’s almost equally important as guns. Protective shooting glasses. Because protecting yourself from yourself is just as important as protecting yourself from others.

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5. Next on the list is rifles. And right after them are hand bombs. Unfortunately, you need military experience for those, so if you’re just a regular guy – tough luck. You’re just gonna have to settle with what you have or join the military training program.

And now that you’ve mastered all of these self-defence techniques, you might just be ready to survive the end of the world. But don’t think for a second that you’re suddenly John Wick just because you learned how to shoot a couple of guns and use cold weapons. Because let us assure you – you are not John Wick. Even John Wick isn’t John Wick but a movie. However, there are many other ways to protect yourself in a worldwide crisis. So read one of our other article on that subject and educate yourself while you still can. While there’s still some time left. Go. Hurry.

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