Best Gifts for a Wedding Anniversary- A Perfect List For You

Top 8 Wedding Gifts You Could Try to Surprise Your Partner

Happy Anniversary. Looking for something special and meaningful to get your partner to celebrate? This list is here to help you find a gift that your partner will love.

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for your partner, especially if you have been together a very long time and getting an anniversary gift for friends or family can be even harder. But there is an old tradition for what gifts you should get a couple for their anniversary depending on how many years they have been together. 1st anniversary is paper, 5th is wood, 10th is tin, 15th is crystal and so on. Keep this in mind as there are lots of creative and interesting ways to interpret this into your anniversary gift buying.

Remember to keep the gift personal to the person who is receiving it. An anniversary is a special and happy event and receiving something sentimental that does nothing but invoke fond memories of that day is an amazing gift to receive.

Here are a few options for if you are in the couple or just a close friend who wants to help on wedding anniversary gift ideas.

1. Your Night Sky

This Personalized Star Map from a night of your choice is a fantastic way to celebrate an anniversary. Maybe you want it to be from your first date, the wedding day itself or any day of significance in the relationship. This is a cute keepsake to remind you of the night you first met, kissed or made a vow to each other. Potentially perfect for a Paper (1st) Wedding anniversary.

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2. An Experience

There are many websites that offer a range of fun and exciting experiences for couples. Go on a helicopter ride over your local area or venture somewhere further from home. Go on a fancy wine, beer or cocktail tasting day. A memorable experience is a fantastic way to celebrate, spend meaningful time together and create a memory to reminisce about for years to come.

3. A Bucketlist book or poster

A couples bucket list of things to do together is an adorable gift for a young couple and so many options to choose from. A scratch off World Map so they can track all the places you’ve been to together, a poster of activities and events to do together or even one to fill out yourself.

4. Personalised Homeware

There are so many options for personalised gifts these days and all of them can make amazing presents for a recently or long term married couple. Engraved glassware with photos of the couple together, a doormat with their new shared last name on it or coffee cups and mugs.

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5. A Spa Day

Book a relaxing spa day away for you and your partner. Surprising them with couples massages, mud baths and facials in a romantic location is always a good way to spoil your spouse. Or if you’re on a budget then set something up at home, give each other massages and do face masks for a night of intimate, relaxing celebration.

6. A Weekend Break

Getting away from home and work even if it is just for the weekend is a great gift for a loved one. Go on a busy city break and enjoy the finer things or a few days in the countryside enjoying fresh air and each other’s company.

7. A Homemade Hamper

Get a basket or hamper and fill it with your partner’s favorite things, a bottle of their favorite wine, snacks they loved when they were younger or things you know you need. Make it your own and personalize it to your loved one.

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8. Personalised Keepsake box

A couple collects keepsakes through their years together and a personalised box is an amazing way to have it all at the ready when you want to reminisce. There are many types you can get and can be personalised to the couple. A vintage looking wooden box with initials and dates engraved onto the top or a simple white box with a photo from the day on top. Inside can hold the wedding album, ticket stubs from your first date and other cute little memories of the time spent together.

These cute gift ideas are perfect for any anniversary and are personalised to give your partner a gift unique to them. No matter how many years you have been together, it is always important to show them how much you care. Also, these gifts do not need to break the bank which is why we have suggested gifts at a range of price points. A gift does not have to be a physical item and they are often better when you can create new memories together. Hoping that this list helps you find the perfect gift for your partner. Happy Anniversary!

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