5 Simple Ways To Create The Perfect Airbnb Experience

The Perfect Airbnb Experience

Airbnb has taken off in a huge way in the last number of years, offering travellers a new and exciting accommodation experience. Through Airbnb, you can stay in someone’s room, rent their spare room or hire out an entire property. There is everything from caravans to treehouses to country cottages and modern seaside properties available through Airbnb guests an opportunity to stay with local families or rent their second home for a more unique experience than staying in a hotel or hostel. 

While Airbnb is great for travellers, it also offers regular people the chance to start their own little accommodation business. If you have a spare bedroom, a second home, or a unique space that people can stay in, you can rent it out for a nightly fee on Airbnb. The review-based platform has helped many homeowners to generate a full-time income while others have relished the opportunity to earn a little extra money from time-to-time. The key to being successful with Airbnb, regardless of your goals, is to provide your guests with the best experience possible so you get more positive reviews and make the right impression on potential guests. 

Let’s take a look at six simple ways that you can create the perfect Airbnb experience. 

Create The Right Environment 

Before your guests ever even contact you, they will have viewed photos of your property and read all about your other guest’s experiences. To make the right impression, you need to ensure that your rental is presented immaculately. Highlighting additional luxuries that you might have, such as an electric recliner chair or a bathtub, can help to sway potential guests to get in touch. 

Clear Communication

From the moment a guest enquires about staying at your property, you need to step into action. From the very first message, it’s important that you make the right impression and that you are kind and helpful to your guest. Be sure to send them all of the information they need to find you and what they should expect when they arrive. Clear communication is essential in ensuring you get started on the right foot with each of your guests. 


Once the booking has been confirmed, you will know when your guests will be arriving. Be sure to double-check what time they will be arriving closer to the date to ensure there are no changes to their plans. Make sure that you have clean sheets, towels and other supplies ready to get the place ready for their arrival. Ensuring the space is spotlessly clean is essential if you want to make the right impression and give your guests a positive experience from the outset. 

Prepare For Arrival

Adjusting the temperature and turning on a few lights before your guests arrive is a small touch that many Airbnb owners overlook. Try to meet your guests in person when they arrive so you can introduce them and show them around the space properly. Leaving a bottle of wine and some snacks will help your guests feel welcome when they arrive. 


Remember that as well as you might know the local area, this is most likely the first time your guests will have visited. If it is their first time, be sure to explain to them where they are and what amenities there are nearby. Restaurants, bars, places of interest and supermarkets should all be highlighted. Tell your guests how to make an emergency call, where the nearest hospital is and how they can reach you if they need your help. You can include all of this information on a map to make it easier for your guests to make sense of everything and so that they have a point of reference for the duration of their stay. 

Provide The Best Possible Experience For Your Guests

To provide your guests with the best possible experience, you need to make the entire process as simple as possible for them. Make sure that you are welcoming and inviting, that your space is well-presented and that you give your guests as much information as possible. With a friendly, helpful and courteous approach to your Airbnb hosting, you can ensure that every one of your guests will have a great experience staying with you. 

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