Cheap Gaming Equipment Every Gamer Must Have

Affordable Gadgets Every Gamer Should Have

We all know what makes the best gamer – it’s a skill. Just kidding, it’s equipment. However, not everyone can afford PewDiePie’s equipment. But don’t worry, because Amazon has a perfect alternative that is just as effective. And a lot cheaper too.

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1. Runmus Stereo Headset

This one has it all – surround sound effect for the best gaming experience, high responsive audio drivers, so you can easily make out where the sound is coming from, soft ear cups, so it doesn’t hurt your ears for as long as you want to play, noise-cancelling microphone and LED light just to make you look cool. It works on Windows PC, Mac OS PC, PS 3 & PS 4 (adapter needed), Nintendo Switch etc.

Buy Now : Runmus Stereo Headset

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2. Pictec Wired Mouse

Take your gaming journey to the next level with this little “rodent”. It has eight programmable buttons and a fire button so you have an advantage in battles. Also, it looks really good because of the Chroma RGB lighting, meaning that you can change the colour to your liking or turn on and off the backlit. And did we forget to mention that its lifetime is 20 million clicks? Wow!

Buy Now : Pictec Wired Mouse

3. Redragon Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard has everything you need for the perfect gaming experience – LED RGB backlit with 19 different lighting effects, it’s dustproof, and it makes quiet click sounds. It also has a USB connector and is compatible with nearly every operating system.

Buy Now : Redragon Mechanical Keyboard

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4. Laptop Cooling Pad

Just in case you’re a laptop gamer and not a PC one, we got you covered. You know how your poor laptop gets hot and sweaty when you’re gaming? Well, this pad will make it both cooler and “cooler”. It has five quiet fans, an LCD screen, five different heights adjustment and blue LED lights.

Buy Now : Laptop Cooling Pad

5. Gaming Chair

Again, it’s not PewDiePie’s famous chair, but it’s just as great, maybe even better. Also, way cheaper. It’s comfy and healthy for your body. This chair allows you to keep gaming all night long.

Buy Now : Gaming Chair

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