Top 10 Smartphones Under $100

Best 10 Budget Smartphones Under $100 For Everyday Use

Not all phones cost $1000 or more. You can buy a brand new android phone for $100 or less! And the best part is, they have pretty much everything you need – a nice camera, touchscreen, Internet, etc. They’re only a few years old, you know. Have a look at our list and decide for yourself.

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1. Nokia 3.1

Just look at the design of this one – beautiful. It has a 5.2’’ screen, dual SIM, 16GB storage and a 13MP camera.

Buy Now : Nokia 3.1

2. LG Vista 2

Another great brand, only with a bigger screen – 5.7’’. Same camera as the previous one, memory, etc. But the real kick is that it’s a pen smartphone, meaning that you get a nice stylish pen to use the phone with.

Buy Now : LG Vista 2

3. Samsung Galaxy J3

Along with iPhone, Samsung is considered to be the most trustworthy brand. It has 16GB of internal memory, but supports Micro SD card up to 400GB! It also has a front camera. The only flaw is that it’s locked.

Buy Now : Samsung Galaxy J3

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4. Microsoft Lumia 435

If you already use Windows on your computer, why not a cellphone as well? This one has Windows 8 installed and works exactly like your computer. Well, more or less. But hurry up, because there’s only one more left in stock!

Buy Now : Microsoft Lumia 435

5. Motorola E5

The characteristics of this brand are pretty much the same as the rest. Although it has a powerful battery – 4000 mAh, which will last you a whole day. 

Buy Now : Motorola E5

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6. LG Phoenix 3

We have another great LG model. It’s very similar to the previous one, system-wise, so it’s only a matter of design, really.

Buy Now : LG Phoenix 3

7. Samsung Galaxy J7

Unlike the previous Samsung we mentioned, this one isn’t locked! And it looks great. Compare the two and decide which one you’d prefer.

Buy Now : Samsung Galaxy J7

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8. BLU Studio Mini

It’s a 5.5’’ screen + HD and curved glass display. It’s a very good phone, and for this price, it’s practically a steal.

Buy Now : BLU Studio Mini

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9. BLU Advance S5

This one’s a little weaker than the previous one, but hey, it’s $10 cheaper.

Buy Now : BLU Advance S5

10. BLU Vivo XL5

We saved the best for last. Third in a row and for a good reason. This model is          actually really good. It has the biggest screen so far – 6.3’’ HD + Infinity display. Its design is truly amazing. Also, it’s the most powerful one yet, with 3GB RAM and 64GB internal memory. For this price, you’ll absolutely love it.

So, there you go. Treat yourself with a nice looking phone that doesn’t cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Buy Now : BLU Vivo XL5

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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