3 Essential Tips For Planning An Epic Road Trip Across Australia

Road Trip Across Australia

Statistics shared by Finder reveal that about 5.4 million Australians are planning a domestic holiday within the next 12 months. These figures are up 21% from January, according to The Daily Telegraph. During the launch of a new campaign that encourages Australians to travel to popular tourist destinations like the Blue Mountains and Uluru, Senator Birmingham said, “People have been getting out there for road trips, driving a few hours from their homes, and that’s fantastic.”

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Going on adventurous road trips in Australia is the best way to explore the region’s beautiful sceneries, spend quality time with loved ones, and reduce the lockdown friction while adhering to social distancing rules. Here’s how to get ready for a fun solo or family road trip.   

Prioritize Hygiene Essentials

Since the beginning of the pandemic, hygiene has been a top priority. So, ensure you pack cotton face masks as you’ll be required to wear one for all indoor visits. Also, carry with you extra hand sanitizer and make it a habit to use it after every local tour or sightseeing. Following the right COVID-19 health and safety measures gives you the peace of mind, you need to create an unforgettable road trip. 

Choose The Right Vehicle 

Purchasing a car made for road tripping is essential if you’re looking to enjoy a memorable vacation. Experts recommend choosing vehicles that offer great mileage, comfort, safety, and fuel efficiency. Cost is also a factor worth thinking of when selecting between automobile models. Therefore, make an effort to review automobile valuation and pricing information from credible industry sources online. Knowing the buying price of different models will help you choose the right set of wheels for the ultimate road trip. 

Have A Travel Plan

Driving off spontaneously to a vacation destination is fun. However, without a plan, you are likely to miss the urban wonders and natural gems hidden around Australia. So, before you hit the road, research some of Australia’s epic road trips and then pick a route that offers an endless list of adventures. 

For instance, if you wish to explore lush rainforests, incredible mountain formations, and enjoy iconic surf breaks, consider driving along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. If you prefer a short road trip with multiple stops, the Grand Pacific Drive is a perfect choice.

With Australia’s international borders closed, many Aussies are swapping trips to Phuket, Bali, and Tokyo for road trip adventures within the region. After all, the country has plenty of lush rainforests, twisted coastlines, desert plains, and mountain ranges to explore. And traveling by car allows you to enjoy a lifetime vacation while maintaining health standards. 

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