If you have that adventurous streak in you and love to explore and travel all around the world with just a backpack, a tour to Australia must be around the corner for you. Bestowed with some of nature’s greatest wonders, this country is tailor-made for backpackers. The unique amalgamation of nature and human agility at its best cajoles you. However, there must be a few things to be kept in mind before planning such an expedition to avoid any tiny hiccups during the journey. This great list below is a compilation of 10 essential items you must have while backpacking around Australia.

1. Passport and visa – You can’t tour Australia without it, can you? So make sure your documentation to travel abroad are well checked and ready before hopping in a plane to take you to Australia.

2. planning – Australia is a huge and diverse country. It is the 6th largest country in the world with vast geography. So, spend some time on the internet, scout the places that should be your priority. Learn bits and pieces of the local language, it can be confusing! Grab a map.

3. Budget – Get your wallet stocked! Well, not literally but make sure you have enough money in your bank account to spend. Have your credit card and bank account stocked with cash. Choose your accommodation wisely; hostels are popular among backpackers to stay in Australia. Track your spending while you are there and then allocate your funds to the priorities.

4. Backpacks – Choose the backpacks which are sturdy enough and with padlocks. The things and clothes you pack should not make it too heavy. Travel light. So, besides your garments, pack these things –

• Moneybelts – Possibly those concealable ones to carry your valuables.
• Sleeping bags
• Small torch
• Sunscreen -Australia is sunny, do pack loads of it.
• Toiletries
• Compression packs to flatten clothes.
• Zip lock bags.
5. Accommodation – Book your accommodation online in advance along with the transport. Have some time to get rid of jetlag, feel fresh and enjoy.

6. Travel Insurance – An insurance to cover you while you are having time of your life during travelling is a must. Contact your insurance provider and find yourself a good one, many companies are offering it now.

7. International Sim cards for Mobile Phones – You don’t want to leave your home, without your mobile, forget about the country. So make sure you have the international sim card ready with desired tariff and packs to ensure regular communication.

8. International Driving License– Australia is a great place to explore with a car or a campervan on your own. Have an international driving license ready to enjoy this to the fullest.

9. Electricals – You would love to document your travelling experience. Get your camera, laptop, USB flash drive and chargers packed.

10. Emergency kit – Have a medical kid ready. Make a list of your all allergens with an emergency contact number in case of an emergency, which may be your vaccination record. Have fun.

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