The Most Popular Drinks At Australian Casinos

When it comes to gambling, Australians love to take a chance. In fact, Australia has the world’s second-largest gambling market, accounting for around $24 billion in revenue each year. So what are some of the most popular drinks at every low deposit casino Australia? Keep reading to find out!

The Most Popular Drinks At Australian Casinos

Interestingly, while Australians love to gamble, they’re not big drinkers – only around 11% of casino visitors consume alcohol while there. This is in contrast to North America and Europe, where over 50% of casino visitors drink alcohol. The most popular drinks at Australian casinos are therefore likely to be different from what you’d find at casinos in other parts of the world. So what are they?

What Australian Casinos can Offer

What do Australian gamblers drink while playing casino games? Australian casinos have their own choices of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that are popular among gamblers. They prefer to sip on their favourite drinks while playing casino games. Australian casinos have a separate area for gambling, where gamblers can enjoy games along with some of their favourite drinks.

These casinos offer Australian gamblers a wide variety of games and Australian gambling machines. Various casinos also offer popular table games such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette. Thus Australian gamblers require a drink that will keep them going through the long hours of play in a casino, so casinos provide guests with a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to consume while they gamble. The casino even offers non-alcoholic options such as Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta.

According to the Star Casino in Sydney, patrons can choose from “more than 500 different wines and 500 beers”. They also offer cocktails with names such as “Gin Buck,” “Zombie,” and “Screwdriver.”

  • The Southgate Hotel & Casino only serves beer on tap. All other drinks are served in bottles or cans. Their cocktail menu includes whisky, vodka, rum and gin drinks.
  • Patrons at Crown Casinos venues receive a 10 per cent discount when purchasing alcoholic beverages during certain hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Different Drink Promotions

In addition to discounted drinks, they also offer a variety of drink promotions throughout the week. These promotions include “Millionaire Mondays,” where patrons who win big can purchase two alcoholic drinks for the price of one, and “Thirsty Thursdays,” where consumers receive a 20 cent discount on all beers purchased between 4 pm and 8 pm.

Alcohol consumption is essential to many casino visitors’ experiences.

  • The Star Casino’s website claims that most gamblers visit their venues with a friend or partner in order to socialise while potentially winning large amounts of money. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and increases conversation, making casinos more attractive places for people looking to strike up new friendships with potential romantic partners.
  • The Southgate Hotel & Casino also claims that alcohol is essential to the typical casino experience. They state on their website: “Whether you like your drinks with a little fizz or not, we’ve got something for everyone.”

Cocktails and other alcoholic beverages help make gamblers more comfortable at casinos. Because gambling can be an intimidating activity under normal circumstances, alcohol helps relax and loosen up players. Without it, many would find themselves unable to engage in such high-stakes activities as poker and blackjack.

Without the option of alcoholic beverages, Australian casinos would lose a key component of what makes them appealing to consumers seeking entertainment outside of traditional bars and restaurants. The Star Casino boasts about its five hundred different wines because they convince

The Most Popular Drinks at Australian Casinos

Australian casinos also provide their gamblers with drinks such as water, orange juice, and soft drinks.

  • Iced Tea: This beverage has been popular among gamers for many years now. Casinos offer gamblers a number of casino games and gambling machines. Australian gamers prefer to sip on iced tea while playing casino games.
  • Iced Coffee: Casinos have a separate area for gambling, where Australian gamblers can enjoy games along with some of their favourite drinks. Thus -Australian gamblers require a drink that will keep them going through the long hours of play in a casino.
  • Iced Chocolate: This is another popular choice among gamers who like to spend their evenings in casinos.
  • Iced Coke: Gamblers can play Australian casino games for many hours at a stretch, so they require drinks that will refresh them and revitalise them by giving them some boost to keep playing. Australian gamblers love to sip on iced coke while playing Australian casino games.

Other Drinks Popular Among Australian Gamblers

Australian gamblers like to enjoy their drinks while they play. Thus alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available at most Australian casinos. Alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and spirits are popular among gamblers in casinos. Some of the popular non-alcoholic drinks Australian gamblers drink include coffee, smoothies and juices.

Drinking Too Much can be Harmful to Games

Australian gamblers must not drink too much as it can be harmful to them as well as the games they are playing in a casino. One known fact about drinking is that excessive alcohol consumption makes people feel tired, which leads to loss of concentration and alertness required for playing casino games.

Australian Casinos have Extensive Bar Facility

Australian casinos will usually have an extensive bar facility that will allow Australian gamblers to get a drink of their choice. In most cases, Australian casinos offer free drinking of alcohol, while some Australian casinos charge a small fee for drinks consumed by players.

Australian casinos offer an incredible variety of various Australian casino games and gambling machines-those who enjoy their evening with games of luck should never miss the chance to visit one!


Australian casinos offer a variety of drinks to their guests, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. While beer is the most popular drink overall, other beverages such as wine and spirits are also enjoyed by casino goers. If you’re planning on visiting an Australian casino in the near future, be sure to try out some of the different drinks on offer at the venue. Who knows, you might just find your new favourite tipple!

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