Visit Rottnest Island – Location, History and Things To Do

Location and History of Rottnest Island

Australia, the land synonymous to beauty, tranquility and thrill. This place is a great combination of serenity and adventure. In Australia, there are many places where you can spend some moments in peace and serenity, while if you want some thrill in your vacation, that is not all a problem, there are n number of places in the heaven down under where you can enjoy some adrenaline pumping adventure sports. For the wildlife lovers, Australia has a lot to offer. The fauna and flora of Australia is splendid. So, now you know that Australia has something for everyone. There could be no other place better than Australia where you can spend the most memorable holiday.If you are a water baby, who loves water, sand, sun and beaches, visit the Rottnest Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Australia.

The local Noongar people called the island Wadjemup and otherwise the island is also called as Rotto.

The Rottnest Island is located on the coast of Western Australia. It is about 19 km off Perth’s coast.

Since ages, the Rottnest Island had been a home to the Aboriginal people, but, due to the rinsing sea level, the land got separated from the Western Australia’s mainland and the population began to drop.

When the European exploration happened in the 17th century, there was no single person on the island. The island remained uninhabited for thousands of years.


The island is spread across 19 square kilometres, i.e., 7.3 sq mi. This island is inhabited by only a hundred people, but is always crowded with visitors. If numbers are to be believed, as many as 500,000 tourists visit Rottnest Island per year.

There as many as sixty three beaches and twenty bays on this island.

Things To Do in Rottnest Island

The Rottnest Islands are blessed with spell bounding views, pristine beaches, amazing fauna and flora and a great atmosphere, making it a favorite getaway of the tourists. There are many things that Rottnest Island has in store for the visitors.

The visitors can join the free guided walking tours of the Rottnest Island. Walking through the Wadjemup Trail is also something that the visitors should not miss.

As we have already mentioned that, this island has a rich fauna and flora, this island is an ideal place for bird watching and also for spotting dolphins and quokkas.

The beaches on this island are gorgeous and serene, where you can sit back and chill. You can snorkel and get up close and personal with the marine life of this island. You can also take and adventure cruise.

There are many places on the island where you must pay a visit like Rottnest Island Museum, Vincent Way , Lomas Cottage, Salt Store and Pilot Boat House.

To get the complete view of the island, climb the Wadjemup Lighthouse for an awesome view of the island.

Do not miss the train ride which will take you across the Oliver Hill. Also, try cycling and kayaking.


Rottnest Island is a paradise. If you have witnessed the beauty of this island please share with us your experience and snaps, here. We would love to hear from you.

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