The Moreton Island is the beautiful island of Australia. It is situated on the eastern side of the Moreton Bay on the coast of the south eastern Queensland. This island is one of the major tourist attractions of Queensland. It lies at a distance of 58 kilometers north east of the capital of Queensland, Brisbane. 95% of the Moreton Island comprises of the national park as well as a popular spot for all the tourists and visitors. This is why this place attracts the tourists so much. Interestingly, this island is considered as the third largest sand island of the world.

Geographical aspects of the Moreton Island:

The Moreton Island is pretty widespread and it covers an area of around 186 square kilometers. It extends for around 37 kilometers from the north to the south and is around 13 kilometers at the widest point. Amusingly, the only rock outcrop present on this island is the Cape Moreton which is located at the north eastern tip of the Moreton Island. The highest point on the island is the Mount Tempest which rises at an altitude of 280 meters. Further, there are other large sandhills as well as mountains on this island. This whole view of the sandhills, mountains as well as other points make this island all the more beautiful and picturesque.

Activities at the Island:

This island is beautiful and attractive. This is the reason why it is considered as one of the most beautiful tourist spots of Queensland. There are a number of leisure and fun activities that can be carried out at this island. The sandy beaches are simply amazing. All the day trippers can spend their entire day in taking part in a number of beach activities carried out here. The nights gift you starry skies. Merely looking at this sky is a pleasure. Further, Moreton Islandis also the place to be in for all the adventure junkies since this island doesn’t have any end to adventures.

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