Fraser Island – Heaven on Earth

If there is heaven on Earth, it is Australia. The place is loaded with beauty. Australia is a perfect amalgamation of God gifted natural beauty and man-made marvels. The place is extra ordinarily stunning. Due to its beauty, Australia has now become one of the leading travel industries. Thousands of visitors visit Australia every year to witness the beauty of the place down under. The place is drop dead gorgeous. Every single place in Australia is way beautiful. One such destination is the Fraser Island, the heritage- listed island of Australia.

Location of Fraser Island

The island is located on the southern coast of Queensland in Australia. It is around 200 km (120 mi) north to Brisbane. It is a portion of the Fraser Coast Region.

Fraser Island
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The island was earlier inhabited by the indigenous people known as the Butchulla people. In the year 1770 , Captain Cook first saw the indigenous people of Fraser Island and Captain Matthew Flinders met them in 1799 and 1802. Indigenous people were quite unhappy with the European colonization.
The island has many credits to its name. It is the largest sand island in the whole world. It is also the largest island in Queensland, Sixth largest island in Australia and the largest island on Australia’s East Coast. It is spread across the area of 1840 square km. The island is 120 km, approx 75 mi in length and 24 km, approx 15 mi in width. In the year 1992, this island was announced as the World Heritage Site.
Things To Do

There are many things to do on the Fraser Island. The rainforests make it an ideal place for hiking. The adventure lovers are truly going to enjoy the hiking experience in the Fraser Island. This is the only place on the earth where rainforests grow on sand.
Fraser Island is also an ideal place for fishing and boating. If you are fishing just for fun, you can fish on the beach area, but try to follow the rules and regulations regarding fishing. If you could not find any fish, try boating as boating is also super fun.
If you are a fan of 4WD, Fraser Island is the place for you. The drive on the Fraser Island is something that you will cherish all your life.

There are as many as a hundred fresh water lakes on the Fraser Island and all of them are tremendously beautiful. Some lakes contain clear blue water, while some are tea- colored. Swimming in the fresh water lake is an altogether different experience.
When in Fraser Island, you can also have a close look at the native wildlife. Whale watching, particularly, is fun. Another highlight of this island is the colored sand cliffs. They look mesmerizing. Walking through the bushes is also an amazing experience, after all who does not enjoy walking through a rainforest and that too on sand. The Eli Creek, a fresh water creek is also a highlight of this island.
Fraser Island is one of the most beautiful places on the Earth. There is something for everyone on the island. The island is a true marvel.

Main Image Source  : Pixabay

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