Whores Australian Tour

2022 Whores Australian Tour

Event: Whores Australian Tour

Venue: Bendigo Hotel, 125 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC, Australia

Date: Fri, 12 Aug, 8:00 – 11:30 pm GMT+10


Noise Punks from the United States, The Whores will embark on their long-awaited tour of Australia. The locals of Atlanta, Georgia, have spent the last ten years building Whores as one of heavy music’s most unique groups owing to the formidable mix of the group’s punk attitude and the intensity of their sound since its start in 2010. Whores’ music is aggressive and persistent, and for the first time in Australia, it will be seen and heard in its entirety.

Starting with the Ruiner EP in 2011, Whores provided a refreshing new perspective to the often-tired “extreme music” genre. The Clean EP, a six-track musical showcase of visceral rancor and creative excellence, was released two years later. Clean was widely praised by critics and fans alike, but it sold out in less than a month, causing the band to issue a second pressing.

Clean, hailed by SPIN as one of the year’s “Best Metal Albums,” confirmed what fans thought. Whores aren’t here to have a good time. Their debut full-length album released in 2016, GOLD was selected as one of Rolling Stone’s top ten metal albums, and Metal Injection rated it the best noise rock album of the decade, saying, “There is just no surpassing what Whores has done here.”

Whores Biography

Whores is a noise rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, consisting of Christian Lembach on vocals and guitar, Casey Maxwell on bass, and Joel Willis on drums. The band is noted for its “intensely cathartic live acts” and has produced two albums through Brutal Panda Records. The music of the band is mainly categorized as noise rock. Melvins, Helmet, Karp, Pissed Jeans, and Amphetamine Reptile Records musicians were all mentioned as inspirations by Pitchfork Media critic Andy O’Connor. Sludge is also a part of the band’s sound. The band has cooperated with several noise rock luminaries. Harvey Milk drummer Kyle Spence mastered the band’s debut EP, while Ryan Boesch, who has worked with Melvins, Fu Manchu, Helmet, and Foo Fighters, produced their sophomore EP.

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