Australian Opal Exhibition

2022 Australian Opal Exhibition

Event: Australian Opal Exhibition

Venue: 7 Staghorn Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD, Australia

Date: Thu, 4 – Fri, 5 Aug

Official Website:

The Australian Opal Exhibition in Gold Coast features a large assortment of opals and opal jewelry from mine owners, wholesalers, and manufacturers in a nice fair atmosphere. The show features a variety of opals, collectibles, polished stones, pearls, fine jewelry, and fashion jewelry opals. The fair is only for professionals that want to expand their new collections to meet their demands.

The Australian Opal Exhibition will be held at Gold Coast for two days, from Thursday, 4 Aug, to Friday, 5 Aug 2022. The world’s most exclusive and inclusive opal experience, displaying Australia’s national gemstone’s beauty. The Australian Opal Exhibition offers visitors the chance to explore the most extensive collection of Australian opal and opal jewelry available for sale in one convenient location.


The Australian Opal Exhibition is an international trade show for opals and opal jewelry every year. Opal miners, wholesalers, and opal jewelry manufacturers from around Australia assemble sleek exhibition stands to show off their opal and opal jewelry collections. The event features a variety of opals, collectibles, polished stones, pearls, and exquisite jewelry opals. The expo is a “Trade Only” event aimed toward professionals wishing to expand their opal collection and individuals searching for the best deal on an opal!

Australian Opal

Opal is Australia’s national gemstone, and we are delighted to say that Australia produces more than 95% of the world’s valuable gem opal. Opal is a gem made up of a hydrated amorphous form of silica (SiO2.nH20) produced spontaneously millions of years ago. Opal is a solid gemstone crystallized from chemical silicon dioxide and has no clearly defined shape or form. Opals are divided into two categories: valuable and common. The “play of color” phenomenon occurs in precious, costly opal. The diffraction of white light traveling over and through the carefully placed silica spheres within an opal’s microstructure produces the optical phenomena. The distinctive properties of opal are also influenced by refraction and internal reflection.

In essence, an opal’s color variations are determined by the size and arrangement of these silica spheres and their transparency. Clear through to white, grey, black, and brown body tones, and a color play of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, pink, green, and purple. Due to its uniqueness and dramatic visual effect, the red play of color on a black body tone is the most precious and sought-after combination of these colors. Australia, notably Lightning Ridge, produces high-quality “Red on Black.”

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