Top 5 Great Nail Art Hacks

Top 5 Lazy Girls Nail Art Hacks

Learn about Top 5 Great Nail art Hacks to make your routine nail-do easy for you. Nail art looks very tactical to do due to the small size of the nail. Despite the difficulty, girls want to flaunt their nails covered in shining and fantastic nail art. Even, lazy girls deserve to look pretty so these hacks will help them to do stunning stuff in easy ways.

We understand the headache of getting ready in busy mornings, especially when no time for nail-done. That’s why we have created a list of nail art hacks for lazy girls to do their nails done like professionals, it wasn’t possible ever before.

#1- Petroleum Jelly or White Craft Glue

Prevent your nail arts spreading on your fingers, use petroleum jelly or glue. From a layout of petroleum jelly using cotton (rubbing jelly on your finger and nail) or craft glue on your finger and your nails edges. Leave until it dry. Do your nail art and remove petroleum jelly or peel off your white craft glue.

#2- Nail Color Pop

If you want to pop up your nail color, use white nail color. Use the first coat of white nail color and then apply your favorite nail color. You’ll clearly see your favourite color popping up!

#3- Nail Art on Plastic

Nail art on the plastic bag gives a clean finish and clean design. You can make the design as little as you want on the plastic sandwich bag. When you get your require mini design, peel off and put it on your nail. Use nail art glue if needed. Lastly! paint transparent nail color as a topcoat.

#4- Paper Reinforcement Stickers

Paper stickers make nail art very easy. It comes in so many designs, like hole circle, lines, zig-zag, triangle, a box and many others. Now it’s up to you, what kind of design you wanted to make. Choose a sticker and put this on your nail. Seal it by using nail art dotter tool. Paint your nails, when your color is dry, remove this sticker carefully.

#5- Two-Tone Designs with Tape

You can use tape as a nail art tool. You can make a lot of designs using tape. For example, if you want some parallel lines of different colors. Cut thin layers of tape and seal it on your nails where you want!

Use distinct colors in different areas. When the nail color is completely dry, peel the tape off.

Final Words About Top 5 Great Nail art Hacks

Hope you like given Top 5 Great Nail art Hacks ideas. Use mentioned above things as nail art tools, try more! Do experiments, enjoy the nail art results and be creative with your nails.

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