Top 9 Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair Women

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair: You are tired of your boring thick hair, why don’t you get a short hairstyle! There is one option to bring change to the hair, that is a new hair cut. Make your head little lighter and let some bunches get cut off! In case you are always in a hurry, short hairstyle will buy you more time to less styling.

Exclusive List Of Trendy 9 Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair Women

Check some trendiest and incredible short hairstyles for thicker hair. Pick one that will look best on you.

1- Textured And Tousled:

Getting a Textured and Tousled hair cut is a nice idea. This is known to be a cool and cute hair style for thick hair. If you are looking forward for simply casual hair style, Textured and Tousled is a great pick.

Styling Directions For Textured And Tousled:

  • Start styling your hair with blow drying. Set the bangs as you may like.
  • For bigger sections of hair, try to use 1 ¼ inch curling iron. Just curl the hair inward.
  • After completing the curling, with your fingers, give a messy look to the curls.
  • At the end, just spray a little for keeping the texture for longer time.

Recommended For:

The square shaped face will be great for trying out this hairstyle. Natural short, thick hair with natural waves will embrace this hair style amazingly.

2- Aú Naturel:

You want some change for your natural super curly, thick hair, Aú Naturel is perfect hair cut.

Styling Directions For Aú Naturel:

  • Start the procedure with damp hair.
  • Use mousse or curling cream along with de frizz oil on your hair.
  • At the end, use a diffuser to dry your curls.

Recommended For:

This hair cut will look better on heart or oval shaped faces. Medium to thick hair texture with natural curls are essential for this hairstyle.

3- Elegantly Editorial:

Transform your short, thick hair into super classy hair style with Elegantly Editorial. Give some edge and latest spiced up style to your hair with this hair cut. Front straight bangs will frame your face greatly.

Styling Directions For Elegantly Editorial:

  • First of all, dry up your hair and set your bangs the way you like.
  • Curl the ends of the hair only using a curling iron.
  • After curling your hair, with back-comb, just little bit back bomb ends of your hair.
  • Now use hair spray to keep the style intact.

Recommended For:

Square shaped faces are perfect to try out this hairstyle. Short, thick hair will embrace this hairstyle perfectly.

4- A Mohawked Mane:

You are a fan of Mohawk! Why don’t you try out A Mohawk Mane.

Styling Directions For A Mohawk Mane:

  • Prep your damp hair with thickening spray.
  • Blow dry your hair at the back and away from your face.
  • Once hair has been dried up, with mousse or gel style up your Mohawk .
  • After styling up, apply hair spray to preserve the hair style.

Recommended For:

A heart shaped face is the best complement of the A Mohawk Mane. Super thick hair with natural waves will do great for this hairstyle.

5- Just Right Ringlets:

With Just Right Ringlets, flaunt about your hair. Using a headband at the top will spark this hairstyle.

Styling Directions For Just Right Ringlets:

  • Use curl cream on your hair if you got natural curls. This way your curls get more defined in shape.
  • Otherwise with a curling iron, curl up little sections of your hair.
  • Once each and every section of hair is done, spray little to add bit shine and texture. 

Recommended For:

If you got a square shaped face, this hair style is made for you. Natural curly hair would be better to try out this hair cut.

6- The Asymmetrical A-Line:

Get spicier and trendier look with Asymmetrical A-Line. This will add a dazzling look to your personality.

Styling Directions For Asymmetrical A-Line:

  • Use mousse on the roots of wet hair at the start.
  • With round brush and blow dryer, dry out every section of your hair.
  • If necessary, try out the flat iron for smoother finish.
  • At the end, use some polish to shine up your hair.

Recommended For:

This hairstyle can be adopted by any face shape.

7- The Smoothed Out Sweetheart:

In case you got a straight and sleek hair, You don’t wanna miss to smoothed out your hair. This short hairstyle looks exceptional on sleeker hair. Add more texture and appeal to your hair using this hair style.

Styling Directions for The Smoothed Out Sweetheart:

  • On wet hair, use some smoothing serum or oil.
  • With a flat brush, dry out your hair using a blow dryer.
  • Divide your hair into small sections. One by one, straighten your hair with a flat iron.
  • At the end, use polish or serum to shine up the hair style.

Recommended For:

This hair cut is best suited for oval shaped faces. This is a perfect solution to cope up with real Bob or blunt hair style craving.

8- The Edgy Asymmetrical:

This hairstyle is an excellent choice for anyone who does not like styling up for a long time. With this hair style, you can be ready within a short time. As Edgy Asymmetrical does not require so much time to set up.

Styling Directions For The Edgy Asymmetrical:

  • Blow dry your hair with the help of a paddle brush.
  • It is better to smooth out your hair using a flat iron.
  • For creating more volume, use texture cream or paste.

Recommended for:

The girls with long and narrow faces will find this hairstyle extremely exquisite.

9- The Ultra Sassy Pixie:

When it comes to short hairstyle, no one can beat Pixie. Pixie has so hot and sassy look in itself. Trust me, no other hairstyle is as great as Pixie is.

Styling Directions for The Ultra Sassy Pixie:

  • Blow dry your hair.
  • With flat iron and brush, style up your bangs as much you wanted.
  • At the end, use texture cream or paste to give more undone look.

Recommended For:

This pixie hairstyle will be rocking for anyone with long and narrow shape face.

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