HDMI Cables the Good the Bad and the Ugly Choose Best HDMI Cable

HDMI Cables the Good the Bad and the Ugly- Everything You Need To Know About HDMI Cables

We all know the situation you’re at the shop having just purchased your new 4K TV and want to get the most out of it! Salesman pushes you to get the most expensive cable advising this will enhance your user experience and picture quality. You ask yourself is this guy honestly trying to help me? Or just make a quick dollar at my expense? The Article will cut the crap and give you some answers on the best ways to spend your hard-earned cash while getting the most out of your TV.

Short Answer Does The Quality of the Cable Matter YES or NO?

Unfortunately, there are no short answer guys and the answer is both YES and NO, bear with me all will become apparent. Firstly HDMI has changed versions more times Canberra’s weather, thus making sure you have a cable that is capable of handling your 4K needs is essential. Ultra 4K High-quality cables with modern robust design and durability are one to ensure you hear will work optimally. Let’s have a quick break down on the type of HDMI Cables:

Test A

HDMI 1.0 – December 2002

Max bit rate 4.9Gbps – This is useless for your 4K TV

HDMI 1.1 – May 2004

Max bit rate 4.9Gbps, has added DVD audio – This is also useless for your 4K TV

HDMI 1.3 – June 2006

Max bit rate 10.2 Gbps – Not going to give you the most out of your 4K TV and may not be supported by some TV’s

HDMI 1.4 – May 2009

Max bit rate 10.2 Gbps

4000 x 2000 resolution (3840 x 2160) at 30Hz

4096 x 2160 at 24Hz

It dies offer 3D support

HDMI 2.0 – September 2013

This beast is needed to get the most out of your ultra 4K TV and Next Generation Ultra High Definition TV’s

Resolutions up to 4K@/60 (2160p), Four times the quality of 1080p/60 video resolution

Dynamic synchronization audio and visual streams.

Results Test A Does Quality of the Cable Matter YES or NO?

Yes, in this case, you need to make sure you have a higher quality cable to give the best performance and functionality from for 4K TV. So the old cable that was plugged into you DVD player in all probability won’t cut it and HDMI 2.0b will HDMI Fibre Optic Cable 4K@60Hzis one example of a cable that will over-perform for your TV needs.

Test B Does Quality of the cable matter YES or NO?

Are all 2.0b HDMI cables made equally?  Any company advertising there cables as 2.0b HDMI are either lying, or they are selling you a cable that conforms with manufacturing compliance standards for a 2.0b HDMI cable. So the amount of money you pay for this cable so long as conforms with the manufacturing standard should not matter so long as the cable quality, aesthetics etc are you to your requirements. When I say should not matter this falls down with the length of cable longer runs cable quality can make a huge difference. With Longer Cable runs it is essential to use a quality HDMI splitter Extender, these little gems will ensure that you get a great picture at the time you need it, in conjunction with a quality cable the investment will pay dividends.


Results test B does quality of the cable matter YES or NO?

Yes ensuring a high-quality cable especially over longer runs will ensure your high-speed serial data gets to the TV and the binary code is interpreted to give you the best picture possible. Not only that but buying higher quality cable will likely mean its keep on works for years to come

Test C – Durability 

This test I will say with some confidence that your pay for what you get, and I found the higher the price point the more robust the HDMI cable was.

Test D – 4K Projectors

4K projectors are one area that is growing rapidly, no test would be complete without, a quality HDMI cable and a large wall or projector screen and you have just successfully brought he movies home.  Or you’re on the road for the conference, having reliable and durable equipment is essential. Picture grabbing a cheap and nasty HDMI cable 2.0b and what you arrive the ends broken off. Sometimes getting the high-quality one-meter 4K HDMI cable is well worth it.

Test D the projector test, quality cables will increase the chances significantly of them working on arrival at the conference or presentation while keeping you with quality entertainment at home.

Conclusion – HDMI Cables the Good the Bad and the Ugly

There is a lot of misinformation about cables out there and more expensive does not mean better (sometimes it does) however quality counts for a lot. Look for user reviews, ask your friends and have a look around to ensure you get the highest quality at an affordable price.  The cable linked below was used for testing and arrived well packaged and was delivered rapidly.  During the project, I also found that when using with multiple devices HDMI Cat Splitter 1×3 to be extremely valuable especially for hooking up my HDMI Devices to multiple screens without loss of quality.


My choice for HDMI Cable with a Run over 15 Meters is:

HDMI Fibre Optic Cable 4K@60Hz






Final note

Ruipro as one of the best long HDMI Fibre Optic cables with excellent reviews worldwide, available up to 100m. EZYHD has been around for over a decade and is the Aust NZ Ruipro Fibre Optic cable distributor.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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