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Choosing best MacBook for graphic designing professionals is not that easy task as some might be buying MacBook cause of their true love for Apple products while others want to fulfill their basic necessities of profession such as being graphic designer. Graphic designing in today’s era is not only profession but becoming hobby for people. It cannot be done only by sitting at your workplace. People who love graphic designing want to take their work with them as they move from places to places. For example, go to vacation with friends, families or relatives and enjoy the life along with the work of graphic designing. Now if a person who wants to do his work at home or on a vacation then you need a combination of processing power of personal computers and the portability of laptop? Thus, when we add these two things, we get a laptop computer.

In the current world, we are witnessing the rise of mobile devices and with their rise the use of laptop computers is becoming lesser and lesser. However, this does not mean that the manufacturers of laptop computers have stopped bringing new innovations in their laptops. With every new model of laptop, we get to witness something new. So in my opinion laptop computers are still the best in business for many purposes including graphic designing. High processing process with better cooling systems and small hard drives are some things which gives laptop computers an edge over the mobile devices.

Things to Look Before Buying Best MacBook for Graphic Designing

Before purchasing the best MacBook for graphic designing, you must ponder over some things. One of them is the size of laptop. Decide for yourself what size of MacBook you are comfortable with as there are different sized MacBook available in the Apple store for example in range of 13 inches to 17 inches. Larger sized laptops of 17 inches might look the best on paper but they are not easily portable. On the other hand, a 12 inch laptop might not have the best keyboard for your use as its keyboard may be too small and might become difficult for use. So it’s better if you browse the laptops before buying. You can lend a laptop from a friend and use it to check what kind of laptop you want for yourself.

Second thing to consider before buying a laptop is the thickness and weight of laptop. Laptop manufacturers are paying a constant heed on making their laptops more and thinner. Thus you must also look for lightweight laptop as it will be easily portable and you will feel very comfortable using it. The best MacBook for graphic designing must not weigh more than 3 to 5 pounds.

Which one is the Best MacBook for Graphic Designing Professionals?

Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 inch – Retina Display Available

Apple MacBook Pro 15.4” is one of the most powerful laptops for all media editing purposes including graphic designing. MacBook Pro has an edge over its smaller counterpart MacBook Air while MacBook Pro lags just a little from desktop computers. Apple MacBook Pro contains the most powerful processor in the laptops category. It contains Intel Core i7 @2.2 GHz processor. MacBook Pro 15.4” comes with 16GB DDR3L RAM which makes this laptop much better than many of the available desktop computers in the market. Graphic designing is dependent on the better display and MacBook Pro offers Retina Display to make it the best MacBook for graphic designing.

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