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Before we dive into the top 10 reasons to visit Adelaide in 2020, let us see why Adelaide is called the “City of Churches”. If you thought it is because of the number of churches in the city, you are wrong. The reason is because the earliest inhabitants of Adelaide were predominantly religious refugees.
The naming as city of churches also comes from the freedom to have your own belief and no discrimination against different religions in the city and across all Adelaide communities. In fact, Adelaide has more hotels than churches and it is not called the city of hotels.
It is a name that has stuck and surely does most Australians know it to be the city of churches while very few tourists are aware of the fact.

Adelaide is Not The City With The Most Churches

A comprehensive data collection regarding all the Australian churches showed that Adelaide only comes third when compared to other major cities regarding the number of churches. The city with the most churches is Sydney with 1742 churches, Melbourne has 1230 while Adelaide only has 529 Christian churches.

Top Places to Visit in Adelaide in 2020

1. Adelaide Fringe

2020 is definitely the year to be in Adelaide as it is the Adelaide Fringe’s 60th birthday and there will be a major bash. All Aussies that have attended the previous year’s Fringe’s will agree that it is the best festival in the entire South Australia. The bash is from February 14 until March 15, 2020. It is an entire month of excellent artists with big and small venues, permanent venues where thousands of artists come from around the world. It is a festival with free events that range from magic to music, dance, visual arts, circus and physical theatre, cabaret, comedy, film and digital and many more. You will see Adelaide in a way that you will never see it again and be sure not to miss it especially since it is its 60th anniversary.

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2. Adelaide Central Market

The Adelaide Central Market has been in existence for 50 years and an integral part of the city. It is one of the southern hemisphere’s largest undercover markets where you can shop anything from health foods, small goods, bakery, cheeses, seafood, poultry, meats, fruits and vegetables, live music and entertainment and so much more. Each year this market receives more than nine million visitors and should be on top of your list too when you arrive in Adelaide in 2020.

3. Best Wines

You have probably heard it a thousand times and we repeat it again, Southern Australia has one of the best wine regions in the country. Drive an hour in any directions to visit the most incredible wineries. You can choose between Adelaide Hills, Clare Valley, McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley and many more. Even if wine is not your thing, the drive alone with the magnificent landscapes is an experience of a lifetime.

4. Adelaide Oval Roofclimb

It is the only place where you can experience the best views of the entire Adelaide and far beyond by doing the Adelaide Oval roofclimb. This roofline offers various climbs varying from a daytime climbs, night or twilight climb where you can rise 50 metres above the ground.

5. Some of Australia’s Best Beaches

Nobody will argue that some of Australia’s best beaches are right here in Adelaide. You can choose between sunbathing, to surfing and swimming while the most photogenic beach is Port Willunga while the liveliest beach is definitely Glenelg Beach.

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6. Kangaroo Island

As the name suggests is this an Island filled with one of the most beloved animals in Australia and one of the world’s too. Kangaroos are adorable and everybody wants to see them, but here you can see quite a few other animals too. here you will also encounter koalas, wallabies, wombats and seals to name a few.

7. South Australian Museum

Everybody loves a bit of culture during a trip and here you can get your fill via the South Australian Museum. The great news is that it is free to enter and you can enjoy anything from precious stones to Aboriginal artefacts, fossils and much more.

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8. WOMADelaide Festival

Every year in the Botanic Park in Adelaide is the World of Music, Arts and Dance. It is an enormous stage in an enormous venue with multiple performance stages, food trucks, healing villages, art installations and spiritual types, art lovers, music lovers come together to celebrate and enjoy the annual festival

9. Adelaide Zoo

You simply have to make time for a visit to the Adelaide Zoo in 2020. It has an extraordinary collection of animals that include Australian Rainforest birds, pandas, pelicans, penguins, Sumatran tigers, lions, hippos, sea lions, South East Asia birds and more.

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10. Adelaide Nightlife

Adelaide has an unrivalled nightlife even though many might think it is a timid city it has a thriving nightlife. From commercial nightclubs to multicultural venues, cocktail bars to cozy chocolate cafes, everything is here. Especially during the Fringe Festival during February and March, you want to be in Adelaide when more bars pop up from rooftops to alleyways. Some of the top venues include the multicultural Casablabla, the funky Fumo Blu Cocktail Lounge and the mega-club with late-night dancing, the HQ Complex.

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Instead of the city of churches, a popular way to refer to Adelaide is Rad-elaide. This is because Adelaide is one of the cities in Australia with the best festivals in the entire Australia. The Adelaide fringe is certainly on top of the list, but there is a myriad other music festivals as well. It has been listed as one of the worlds top five livable cities too and then it is also home to some of Australia’s most extraordinary beaches. There are far more than 10 reasons why you should visit the City of Churches, Adelaide in 2020.

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