Top 10 Reasons to Visit The City of Festivals Brisbane in 2023

10 Idea’s for Your 2023 Brisbane Visit

Brisbane is Queensland, the Sunshine State’s capital and known as the city of festivals, each day is a celebration. It is a city packed to the brim with thriving art and music scenes, bustling bars, world-class restaurants and vibrant shopping arcades. If that is not enough, it is a destination with awesome weather and close to 300 sunny days in a year.

1. Didgeridoo Jam Brisbane

As the city of festivals, we have to include the awesome Didgeridoo Jam Festival that is one every month. Every first Saturday of the month you can enjoy a musical spectacular with the first festival in 2020 on February 1st, 2020. It is held at the Bellbird Park in Queensland with its massive outdoor stage. All you need to do is bring a blanket and chill with the best of the best jamming it out on stage. Best of all, it is a free festival!

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2. Bluewater Festival

The Bluewater Festival is in April 2023 thus be certain that you mark the date on your calendar. This is one of the flagship offshore yacht races in Australia and an extraordinary event to attend. Aside from the races are other free activities, celebrations and entertainment throughout the festival. It includes art workshops, animal farm and pony rides, trackless trains and amusement rides, fireworks and beach party and a food fiesta with loads of stalls.

3. Beach Culture

To name a single beach in Brisbane is impossible as the beaches are breathtaking! Brisbane is filled with magnificent sun-soaked beaches. A must see and experience surf spot is Ocean Beach which Bribie Island offers sunbathers and water lovers gorgeous stretches of white sandy beaches. Other beaches you must include in your 2020 Brisbane visit include Main Beach, Frenchman’s Beach and Cylinder Beach. 25 kilometres from Brisbane is Moreton Island with two other magnificent beaches, Honeymoon Bay and Surfside which is a must-visit too.

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4. Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

A quintessential Aussie experience is cuddling a koala! When you want to set up your Australian bucket list, be sure that you include koalas and kangaroos. It is a great way to capture pictures with exotic animals and send it home to friends that will cringe in jealousy. This is because the animals here are not wild and used to humans. Other animals on this sanctuary on the Brisbane Riverbanks include crocodiles, snakes, dingoes, wombats, wallabies and kangaroos.

5. River Cruises

It will be impossible to single out a specific river cruise or company as each one offers outstanding tours and sights. City Ferries glide the twists and turns of Brisbane River 24.7 with an incredibly diverse cruise range. With a river cruise, you have the best opportunity to witness Brisbane landmarks, parklands, mansions on the riverside, and even wildlife on the riverbanks.

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6. Story Bridge

A much-loved landmark is the Story Bridge which was constructed in 1930. It is one of the only three bridges in the world that can actually be climbed. This one comes with a difference though as you can climb to the top and abseil down. At the top, you are 80-meters above the river which gives you extraordinary views of Brisbane.

7. La Trobe Terrace

La Trobe Terrace is the best shopping experience you will have in Brisbane. It is filled with vintage stores and boutique shops with excellent restaurants and cafes too.

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8. Moreton Island

When you visit Brisbane in 2023 do yourself a favour and take a day trip to the world’s third-largest sand island. Moreton Island is extraordinarily beautiful with a diverse range of activities. When you have a few days to spend you can even camp on the island or stay at the resort. You can do anything from quad biking to snorkelling the waters and wreckages, feed wild dolphins and explore the island.

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9. Aboriginal Art Trail

In ancient times the aboriginal people didn’t have compasses and needed a way to map out routes and when they wanted to pass on information there was obviously no other way to do it, except making markings on trees and rocks. This is where the most astonishing original indigenous art began. At Mt Coot-tha, you will be able to find the best of this art.

It is an enjoyable walk and you will continue to discover more art as you go along the trail and when you enter the bushland you might even discover unseen art as well. There are carvings on rocks, and trees as well as drawings and paintings.

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10. Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology

When you enter this museum, you can be sure that you will experience more than 500, 000 years of history and a must-do for history buffs. Even those not seriously into history will find the museum incredibly interesting and well worth the visit. It is one of the top attractions not only in Brisbane but Queensland too. The amazing artifacts include those of the Norman Invaders and Medieval Saxon and through to the European Renaissance.

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Brisbane is multicultural, diverse and colourful and a city that is always jam-packed with things to do. If we had to name all the festivals, you would be astounded. It includes a Luminous Lantern Festival, Buddha Birthday Festival, Queensland Italian Week, Spanish Festival, BrisAsia Festival and so many more. Throughout your 2023 Brisbane visit, you will not have a single moment of boredom or wonder what you should or could do. In fact, there is so much to see and do, that this is why we gathered the Top 10 Reasons to Visit the City of Festivals Brisbane in 2020.



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