Top 10 Gardens to Visit in Australia in 2023

10 Stunning Gardens to Visit Australia 2023

Australia is a continent country known for its natural highlights and immense tourist attractions. The Australian government has also worked to establish public places to attract tourists from around the world. There are hundreds and thousands of gardens in Australia. Some gardens are purely for research purposes and some are for tourism. If you are in Australia in 2023, then make sure to visit these gardens to satisfy your aesthetics.

1. Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden

The Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden is located in Port Augusta. The garden was established in 1993 and is spread on an area of 250 hectares. The location of this garden is in Upper Spencer Gulf which is a place where arid temperature zone and marine environment meet, leading to diversified flora and fauna. It is the only garden in the world which specializes in the southern arid zone of Australia. The collections from Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden help in conservation of arid zone flora and adaptation of these plant communities to extreme weather. The garden is beautifully decorated with a number of plants and trees.

2. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

The Royal Botanic Gardens established in Melbourne are known to be the finest gardens in Australia. These gardens are stretched over an area of 35 hectares in which you can easily observe the planted beauty of landscaped gardens. These gardens are a good place to enjoy picnics or just to get fresh air with ecstatic views. This garden is internationally acclaimed and you can find out plants from all around the world in this garden. The plant varieties include camellias, succulents, herbs, roses, and perennials.
The garden has a specified area for children, known as the Children’s garden. The children’s garden helps the children to interact with nature through activities like water play area, kitchen garden, and plant tunnels. Some other highlights of these extraordinary gardens include Australian rainforest walk fern gully and long island. Some seasonal events including moonlight cinema, observatory tours of the night sky, exhibitions and theatre performances also take place in Royal Botanic Gardens. In short these gardens are a full package.

3. North Coast Regional Botanic Garden

Located in Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden is a feast for the eyes. It is stretched over 20 hectares and features boardwalks wind through rainforests, mangrove habitats, dry sclerophyll and paper bank. The garden constitutes of native species as well as a large variety of exotic plants from subtropical regions of the globe. These gardens are a source of valuable information. You can get scientific material about many rare as well as endangered native plants from the onsite seed bank and herbarium of the garden.

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4. Inverawe Native Gardens, Tasmania

The Inverawe Native Gardens in Tasmania are more of a paradise. They are stretched over an area of 10 hectares and possess a beautiful collection of native plants. When you will visit the gardens, get soaked up in the environment by having a cup of tea on the terrace with a pure natural view. You can even have a walk by the grasslands while you admire the plants. Another interesting thing about this garden is that, it also abounds a lot of birds. Make sure to make a list of garden species you want to grow in your garden.

5. Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney

Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney has been established by Chinese architects. It can be said that the garden is a symbol of friendship and sisterhood between Australia and China. It is located in the Darling Harbour. The garden constitutes of winding paths meander among lakes, exotic and native plants and waterfalls. The elements designed by Chinese architects in this garden are ornate pavilions, Dragon Wall and pagodas. Take a day off and spend quality time in these gardens and enjoy refreshments at the tea house of the garden of friendship.

6. Olive Pink Botanic Garden

Another beautiful garden in Australia lies in Alice Springs. The Olive Pink Botanic Garden project was initiated in 1956. It is spread over an area of 16 hectares in Alice Springs in the SOuthern Hemisphere first arid zone botanic gardens. This garden was opened for public in 1985. The garden constitutes of more than 600 Australian species, making it the only garden with 100 percent native species. 40 species in this garden are threatened. In 2008, the garden was listed in Northern Territory Heritage Register. A large variety of local fauna also habitats in this garden.

7. The Garden of Australian Dreams, National Museum, Canberra

The National Museum of Canberra hosts the Garden of Australian Dreams designed by an architect, Vladimir Sitta. Interestingly the garden’s surface is shaped in the map of Australia, where when you take a single step, it counts as 62 miles. The word ‘home’ is used in 100 different languages in the garden. The lines which criss-cross this garden including all the dingo fence lines, roads and surveyor’s marks depict indigenous nation and language boundaries.

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8. Adelaide Botanic Garden

Another famous piece of art, which is a must-visit is Adelaide Botanic Garden. You will be mesmerized by the collection of exotic plants and wildlife in this garden. There are different parts of Adelaide Botanic Garden.
In International Rose Garden you can pick your favourite blushing beauty from the plants that have been tested for suitability.
In the Garden of Health you can learn about the medicinal properties of plants and how they prevent as well as treat diseases.
Some other wonderful plantings in these gardens include Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden and Economic Garden. The architecture of the garden is marvellous and worth seeing.

9. Tasmanian Arboretum

The Tasmanian Arboretum is found in Devonport established in 1984. The arboretum constitutes of large numbers of native as well as exotic trees that have been planted. It is an international standard arboretum stretched over an area of 66 hectares. The arboretum is known to be the world’s largest living collection of Tasmanian woody plants. There is an onsite seed bank, conserving the seeds of all of these plants. Moreover, more than 80 species of colourful birds have been seen in the region. There is a lake known as Founder’s lake which is famous for wild platypus.

10. Hunter Valley Gardens, New South Wales

You can find these incredible gardens in the wine region of Hunter Valley, which itself is a tourist destination, if you visit Hunter Valley, during your trip to Australia, make sure to visit the Hunter Valley Gardens. These gardens are stretched on an area as long as 300 hectares. Interestingly there are formal gardens, rose gardens, storybook gardens and Japanese style gardens within these gardens. All of these gardens can be enjoyed while visiting just Hunter Valley Gardens. Different sections of the gardens are connected by beautiful paths.


If you are going to Australia, then make sure to visit these beautiful gardens constituting of amazing architecture, exotic and native plants, wonderful wildlife, beautiful biodiversity, and magnificent marvels of these gardens. So, plan your 2023 trip to Australia and indulge in nature in these gardens.



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