Great days out in Canberra

Best Places to Visit in Canberra | Great days out in Canberra

Canberra is full of cultural treasures. This is a carefully planned city, and it sits in the middle of Sydney and Melbourne. From art galleries, museums and memorials, to artificial lakes, gardens and restaurants, this city stands no chance to leave you anything less but spell-bound!

Here are some of the best places to visit in Canberra:

1. New Parliament House:

New Parliament House has been termed countless times as a ‘marvel’ of modern architecture. The building’s architecture adds to its overall grace and charm. You can get to know how parliament functions, once you are inside this insightful place. The exhibits carry important documents and a lot of other fascinating things about the political history of not only Canberra but of Australia as well. You can also interest yourself in a 3-5 kilometres walk to the city centre and learn some important and mind-blowing stuff about the Parliamentary Triangle.

2. Lake Burley Griffin

This is an artificially created lake, which is loved by many due to its spell-binding beauty. Tourists from all around the globe come here to bike and like to have a beautiful and pleasant stroll around the water-front pats. This is your perfect picnic spot. While on a cruise, you can also see some of Canberra’s notably important buildings that are spread across the shores of the central basin.

3. National Gallery of Australia

National Gallery of Australia is home to Australia’s most extensive collection of art. It not only showcases 11 different galleries spread across three levels but also displays a large sculpture garden spread out in accordance with all of the four seasons. You can wander your way through various forms of art, including sculptures, oil paintings, decorative art, sketchbooks, and much more. Photography and Films are also given importance within this gallery, and you get to explore both of these domains fully here.

4. Questacon: The National Science and Technology Centre

This centre stands tall between the High Court and the National Library which is situated on Lake Burley Griffin. Questacon was opened in 1988. Parents and children can both indulge in adventurous and exciting do-it-yourself experiments. This place has been piled with science experiments that are interactive to keep the charm alive. Moreover, this place offers science events, shows and even guest lecturers!

5. The Cockington Green Gardens:

These gardens are home to a miniature English village, built across a traditional and antique setting. this Garden is an absolute treat for the eyes of the visitor. You can feel like a giant and hop across the tiny houses. You can get a ride at the miniature steam train. This is the perfect place for you and your family to have a fun and relaxed day. This place also has a few food spots that have been rated as excellent by the visitors! The tiny castle and cottages have fascinated tons and millions of people across the years. This entire miniature village is set across pretty gardens and sprawling lawns, which gives this place a natural glow!

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Mount Ainslie Lookout – Canberra

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