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The ‘Rio Carnival’ of food festivals, around the world, the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is just like any other party you lose yourself into. Except the high isn’t due to booze, its due to the food. The hangover isn’t in the head, it’s in the craving taste buds. The dishes turn you on, not music and you’ve Nigella Lawson and Gordon Ramsay, not David Guetta and Steve Aoki, as the DJs.

Overview :

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, isn’t within a contained area, it rather is a celebration of Victorian food and wine industry, experienced throughout the city of Melbourne, in the Australian state of Victoria. (It’s in the air, we might as well say !) Generally held in March, it enjoys a massive participation from about 250,000 people from all over the globe, each year, and has successfully established Melbourne as the gastronomic capital of Australia.


History :

The festival commenced in 1993, with a palette of only 12 simple programs. However, each year since then is a witness to the continual growth of this non-profit event, with an increment in popularity of the Victorian edible produce. Since its inception as a small initiative to promote culinary potential of Melbourne the festival has attracted domestic and international food experts, of the likes of Brett Graham to Peter Gilmore. In 2012, the festival celebrated its successful run for 20 years.

Features :

The festival is an art exhibition where the intricate and experienced hands display the most amazing culinary crafts shaped and influenced by the native land.

A delight for visitors, experts, enthusiasts and novices alike, there are few other places in world catering a platter of such excellent local food & wine collection. Farms, wineries, restaurants, markets, lanes all become alive with the most exotic and delicious display of local gastronomical wonders.

A tour round the city (mainly downtown) and other recommended places throughout Victoria, is the best bet to explore food culture in detail. The major attraction remains the various events organised or hosted by acclaimed food experts, from chefs, scientists, to experts, commentators and critics. Each year, both Australian and international chefs, gather and delight the world with their food and wine activities.

Langham Melbourne Masterclass, South gate Cellar Door etc., are major features along with several other classes, competitions, culinary tributes, food & wine analytical discussions, creativity activities, and fusion cooking events. Baking, frying, boiling, Asian, African, European, Australian, you name it, everything’s here wrapped beautifully in quirky, and interesting themes and a gigantic produce.

The first day of 2011 edition of this festival saw the consumption of 10,000 broad beans and 200 kg of veal besides other items ! (And to think this is only one event !). A fantastic example of dedicated initiative of the Government of Victoria to promote the Food & Wine industry, along with an opportunity to experience the amazing menu born out of international and local collaboration the about 300 events festival is enough to make the mouth water.

Interesting fact :

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, is specially known for the ‘World’s Longest Lunch’ held each year, with the 2015 festival lunch, catering 1604 diners at a 530-meter table !

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Hey ! enough with the saliva dripping, now get yourself up and help us dream, share what you’ve experienced. Comment below and share your opinions here.

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