Top 10 Concerts You Can’t-Miss in Australia in 2020

2020 Australian Must-See Concerts

2020 holds fun, entertainment and music for you in Australia. Plan your trip accordingly and enjoy the best of live music in Australia. There are certain concerts you should not miss in 202 in Australia.

1. An Evening with Michael Buble

Your 2020 will not go rough if you are visiting Australia. We are saying this because Michael Buble has announced his dates to Australian tour in 2020. When you will be attending Michael Buble’s concert next year, you will feel like your dream is coming true. His soulful voice, the vibrant music genres from jazz to pop, and his jokes, will make the concert night, unforgettable for a lifetime. So plan your trip accordingly and make sure to attend this phenomenal performance in February 2020.

2. Queen Plus Adam Lambert

Meet Adam Lambert and Queen on their phenomenal concert on 19th February 2020 in AAMI Park of Olympic Boulevard, Melbourne. Imagine what the Queen and Adam Lambert are going to do together? We all know it would be the best experience to listen and see both of these idols singing together to make your night perfect. You are going to have a great night. Both of them are an exceptional talent and you will feel lucky to be present at the venue. So, plan on booking your tickets to the concert in Australia and live to the fullest.

3. Lewis Capaldi

If by any chance you are in Melbourne in the New Year, then you should stay a little longer, because this concert is not to be missed. The Lewis Capaldi would be performing in Festival Hall Melbourne on 3rd January 2020 in concert in Australia. While at the concert, you will feel special due to his care for his fans. He will not only entertain you with his brilliant music, but will also present a phenomenal show. The light comedy between his songs, add more charm to the atmosphere. So continue with an unforgettable experience and thank us later.

4. Stiff Little Fingers

Join Stiff Little Fingers on 20th February 2020 in the Croxton Bandroom, Thornbury. If you are interested in this lit show going to be put forward by Still Little Fingers then carry on and find your tickets. The Irish punk rock band will not only entertain you with music but also a great show. The band gives its 100 percent effort to pull the show to an extreme level fun. After their show, you will feel special about being their fan.

5. New Year’s Day

You surely do not want to miss this special concert organized just for you and your friend on 20th March 2020 in Russel, Melbourne. The New Year’s Day is one of the bands which have a high fan following for more than a decade. So do not miss the band’s performance in Australia.

6. A Day on the Green – Elton John

By any chance, if you are lucky enough to be in Australia at the end of January and start of February 2020, then you can join Sir Elton John as he would be singing for you. Elton John has announced his trip to 2020 to Australia, in which his concerts will start from 18th January 2020 to 1st February 2020, after which he will fly to New Zealand. So, make sure to book your tickets for his concert in Australia and enjoy the musical night with Sir Elton John filled with fun and magic.

7. Bastille

Enjoy one of the best vocals in the world with Bastille. You can attend this concert in the Arts Center Museum in Sydney on 30th January 2020. The Bastille is an indie rock group hailing from South London. The live concert of the band sounds amazing. Believe us, the concert would be a treat for your ears as well as your eyes. No matter if you have seen Bastille performing earlier, you can enjoy this concert over and over again due to the excitement filled in the atmosphere with the Bastille’s music.

8. Steve Hackett

Let us all welcome our summers with Steve Hackett. On 29th May 2020, Steve Hackett is going to put his show in front of all of us in Palais Theatre, Saint Kilda. If you are in Australia during this time, do not miss this concert and you will be thanking us for this advice. Steve and his band are meant to be loved by fans all around. Everyone in the band plays an important role in live music. We can surely say that you will enjoy the concert beyond the limits.

9. The National

Do not miss the amazing show on 1st April 2020 at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne. Yes, it is not an April fool instead we are bringing to you the news of the year, that the National has announced its concert in Melbourne on 1st April 2020. Besides Nationals, you can also enjoy Phoebe Bridgers during the magical night. While listening to the incredible music, you will feel a connection with what you are listening. So do not waste time and start planning your trip. Check the details Online:

10. Robert Forster

What is better than to spend Valentine’s evening with your special someone in a concert by Robert Forster. Robert Forster will be singing live on 14th February 2020 in the Ballroom of Thornbury theatre in Thornbury. Either he sings with or without the band, drums and bass, his performance is just a visual and audio treat for you. If you have been listening to Robert Forster you will know that his songwriting and guitar hooks are brilliant. We literally cannot wait to attend the concert.


Your 2020 trip to Australia will get more amazing if it includes concerts by your favourite bands and singers. So if you really want to enjoy the concert of your choice, book your dates for Australia respectively.



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