Sydney Opera House: A True Pearl of Australia

Australia’s Icon: Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is the Australian icon found on many postcards, book covers and travel brochures promoting its beauty. It’s been shown in movies as well as travel documentaries numerous times. For most, it’s the true face of Sydney. The face of the glorious city enjoying all the deserved attention it gets.

The Sydney Opera House is among one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia and attracts over 7 million tourists visiting the place during the year. The amazing venue offers a variety of different shows and performances as well as guided tours, which allow the visitor to explore the magnificent creation inside one of the world’s most famous buildings.

The Sydney Opera House is, State, National and World Heritage listed as well. However, not all is smooth sailing for this iconic venue. Among others, it faces conservation, and climate change problems. These different issues are a black cloud over the iconic building and therefore need to be taken care of; so the Australia’s most recognisable and best known landmark could keep shining for many years to come.

The venue is one of the most visited and well-known performing art centres not only Australia, but the world. Each year, the Sydney Opera House provides over 1500 incredible performaces.

It’s location is the Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbour, close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, another great landmark of the city.

The Sydney Opera House was envisioned and mainly created by a Danish architect, Jørn Utzon.Although it was designed in 1959, it took 14 years to complete the project. The official opening was therefore held in 1973; when the venue was inaugurated by  Queen Elizabeth II.

The Sydney Opera House, as a performing arts centre, promotes and supports different performing arts companies. With its seven primary venuesgives the audience the opportunity to experience the very best of the many different art forms performed there. Alongside the actual Sydney Opera House, visitors can experience the harbour side area that boasts with variety of attractions such as shopping, dining and entertainment.

As mentioned earlier, the Sydney Opera House provides Sydney with a vast number of tourists be it foreign or domestical throughout the whole year,  thus providing great exposure and marketing to many restaurants, bars and hotels sorrounding the Harbour itself. Different hotels such as the Park Hyatt, the Shangri-La Hotel Sydney and The Four Seasons Hotel Sydney; all benefit from the popularity of the Sydney Opera House  thanks to the people visiting the area and booking their accomodation there each year, creating a perfect link with the hospitality and tourism industry of the beautiful city of Sydney.

As if there are no sufficient reasons for you to visit Sydney, the Sydney Opera House is the pearl that will surely leave you breathless. Be sure to take your time to explore it and enjoy all it has to offer. One thing is certain, you’ll leave wanting to come back for more.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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