What is the Most Popular Tourist Destination in Australia other than Sydney

Australia’s Second Most Popular Tourist Destination?

In 2018 Australia attracted 9.2 million international visitors. This was a 5.2% increase from 2017 and the figure is projected to climb over 10 million for 2019. The number of international tourism climbed steadily over the last decade and by 2020 we might stand at well over 10 million visitors.
The projected growth is expected to continue well past 2020 as the estimations stand at 15 million by 2026. In 2017 a whopping $41.3 billion was spent by international tourists.
Statistics show that the tourists come from top countries with the six highest visiting rates from China, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Singapore. Each year the visits increase compared to previous years with China the highest at a 12% steady increase since 2016.
The highest spenders though are the Chinese tourists that spent $10.4 billion in 2017 in Australia even though the highest number of individuals come from individuals came from the US. While China is sixth on the list of the number of tourists, they are the highest spenders!

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How Does The Tourist Destinations Compare?

Sydney is undeniably the largest tourist attraction with 62% of all international tourists, visiting it each year. The total number of New South Wales tourists was 4.2 million for 2017 with the vast majority spending it in Sydney. In 2018 the tourism total to Sydney was 4.05 million international tourists and 10.67 million domestic tourists. Man-made wonders like the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are among the major Sydney attractions.
Melbourne is undeniably the second largest tourist destination. In 2017 it had 2.7 million international and 9.3 million domestic tourists.

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Future Projections

By 2020 Australian tourism is expected to see more than $115 billion in overnight spending. It is projected that Chinese tourism growth will stand at 25.7% by 2020.
In 2026 to 2027 the increase in Dollars spent in Australia on tourism is expected to be 50% which equates to a whopping 15 million international visitors and spending of $151.4 billion.

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The great barrier reef which is a Queensland icon, the beaches of the Gold Coast, the Daintree’s dense rainforest, the majesty of Uluru, the vibrant and dynamic Adelaide, Great Ocean Road, Tasmania and so many more outstanding tourism destinations haven’t been touched, yet are too incredible not to mention. Therefore, when you look at tourism Australia it is no wonder that Australia is named as one of the top destinations on earth.


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