Top 10 First Date Tips

10 Great First Date Tips That Will Guarantee You a Second Date

If you’re young and new to dating, or just got divorced and forgot what it’s like, then definitely read this. Also, if you’re a player, you should read it – you can always learn more, right?

1. Choose The Right Place

Depending on your date, you must decide whether it’s a fancy restaurant, a casual bar or a cafe. If you don’t know, then ask your date or simply choose someplace generally nice.

2. Dress Accordingly

Again, depending on your date. If he or she is classy, then suit up. If your date is casual, jeans and a shirt will do just fine. But never dress poorly, even if your partner is super chill.

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3. Be Confident

Don’t mistake this for “be an arrogant a-hole”, though. Simply show that you feel comfortable with your date.

4. Show Interest

Ask your date about her or his life. Don’t get too personal though – it’s just a first date.

5. Two-Way Street

This means good communication. Don’t take over the conversation and vice versa.

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6. Be In A Good Mood

If you’re in a bad mood, then why even bother to go on a date in the first place? Either fake it ‘till you make it, or cancel it.

7. Sex Talk

Remember, it’s your first date. You can’t possibly know how he or she is open about sex talk. So, just be moderately flirtatious, and if you see an opening, you can throw in a sex joke or two. But better prepare those jokes upfront.

8. Be Polite

Being polite kind of implies on its own, but just a friendly reminder. If you have been out of the game for too long, you might have become Dr House! So, if that’s the case, quickly turn back to Wilson.

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9. Paying The Bill

This one sounds tricky, but it’s really not. Simply offer to pay, if your date refuses and insists on paying, then just split it. It’s only fair.

10. The Most Important Thing Of All

Read our previous article about what NOT to do on your date.

These things will definitely improve your date, but there’s always more room for improvement. So, if you think we missed something and should add more to the list, let us know.

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