10 Best Tips For Oral Sex (Women & Men)

Top 10 Great Tips For Oral Sex (Women & Men)

1. Don’t Rush It

If you really want to build up her excitement, some foreplay is in order. Don’t jump right in, but slowly take her downtown. Massage over her panties, kissing, licking everywhere except the clitoris will surely build up the sexual tension. It will set up a ticking time bomb, so to speak.

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2. Clit Loving Time

She’s ready. You can now focus on her clitoris and nothing else. This is very important because the majority of women can’t reach orgasm without the tongue action. Might wanna use this as well, they say it does wonders.

3. Circling

This is a classic when it comes to clit licking. Go in circles, but feel free to change the pressure and the speed. Like driving a car (just kidding).

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4. Suction time

You’re not the only one that needs sucking. So when the moaning starts, that’s a sign for you to suck the clit. But gently. Again, like testing the new car – see how much it can take.

5. The Whole Package

Finally, you need to use your whole mouth, not just your tongue. Imagine it like eating icecream. Or kissing, if it sounds better. Then, you can get creative – either use fingers or your tongue to start driving. You can even use a toy to make her feel extra special. Then pass the speed limit and get a ticket – a ticket for best oral sex and best partner.

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6. Blow Job Time

After you went south, it’s time she does too. It’s only fair, right? Luckily for her, men are a little less complicated down there. So, first, start with hands. Touch, squeeze, but not too tight. Until it feels like you’re holding a cold weapon in your hand, don’t use the mouth.

7. Say Something Dirty

Not necessary, but could be very arousing. It really just depends on your best judgement – what and if you’ll say. But either way, can’t hurt.

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8. Climb the top

Licking the bottom, or the middle of the mountain doesn’t really do much. So slowly start licking the top, or to be more exact the underside of the tip which is called the frenulum. It’s basically like clitoris for men – highly sensitive.

9. Kiss him

When we say him, we mean… Well, you know. Start kissing the tip and gently sucking, like a lollipop. Also, you most likely already know this, but be careful with your teeth – the less, the better.

10. Blow Him Away

You know how this last part works. If you did the previous steps and he’s not complaining, you probably can’t make a mistake with the last step, no matter what you do.

If you’re a woman, you don’t have to worry much, just mind the teeth really. If you’re a man, good luck! And be sure to read our previous article and find out how to completely satisfy her.

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