5 Ways To Totally Ruin a Date

Check These Out Before Your Next Date if You Don’t Want to Ruin It

Dates can be tricky and messy on their own, especially if it’s the first date. So you always have to be extra careful what you say and what you do. At least for a month. But if you purposely want to ruin your date, or know how to avoid it, here’s how you do it.

1. Get Wasted

There are so many reasons why getting drunk is bad. Your date might think that you’re an alcoholic, that you’re so insecure you had to get more relaxed, that you’re bored and needed to make it more entertaining for yourself. And, even if none of those things actually ruin your date, then this will – who knows what you might say to her or him. “I love you” or “Hey, you looked better on your Tinder pictures”…

2. Talk About Your Ex

Ooh, this one… It’s just the worst. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear about your ex on your first date? Or second or third or fifth? Especially if you start to compare the ex with your date – that’s the winning ticket to ruining your date right there!

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3. Use Your Phone

This is just rude. Even if it’s not a date, using your phone while talking to someone is simply bad manners. It’s the same as literally turning your back on your date and sitting backwards at the table.

4. Be Late

This one is kind of tricky. If you come too early, you look desperate. If you’re too late, it seems like you don’t care. But people often think that being late makes them look cool. Like sending some sort of a message – Whatever, if me being late bothers you, I can just get another date, I’m that hot. No, you’re not. Just come on time. Few minutes up or down won’t matter.

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5. Talk About Everyday Stuff

Work, weather, family, etc. It’s boring just writing about it. No one cares, okay? Your date wants to talk about the two of you. Be flirty, compliment your date, ask what she or he likes and dislikes. Otherwise, it will be over before the dessert.

So, now you know. If you want to ruin your date, do any of these things. If not, however, avoid them and check out our article about what you should do to not ruin your date.

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