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Book Review of Big Magic

What did I like the most? The author suggests not to fear and keep one’s passion alive. 

The author needs no introduction. She has authored the international bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love, which was turned into a movie with Julia Roberts. The author claims to assure the reader how to be creative despite having fears, how ideas work, where creativity comes from, and how one can make sure that creativity keeps flowing freely. 

One must learn to exist with fear and passion. No one can take out fear with a magic wand. The best approach would be to let the curiosity take the wheel and put one’s worries into the back seat. One must allow themself permission to create, even if they start at Zero. One need not hide him the talent to make an article or book, a painting, or sing a song. This way, one can fight with fear and go on creating, regardless of rejections and reactions.

One must have a regular job to take care of the expenses to run life smoothly. This way, the artist or creative person can go on and continue to create without hassles: The authors and ideas are most common sense. Anything significant today might undoubtedly have a start.

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