Review of Who Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson

Summary of Who Moved My Cheese?

What did I like the most? The author narrated human beings’ psychological factors, which prevent them from overcoming fear and moving on to success. 

The book has been narrated as a parable. One can connect it with their life. The motto of the story is that one need not fear for the future, instead put one’s life in an environment of change and uncertainty. 

The word cheese in the title refers to success in worldly terms. Overthinking may make one paralyzed.

(a) Nothing lasts forever; keep eyes open to approaching changes

(b) A stagnant approach does not help in achieving the best results

(c) A change is inevitable, so move and welcome changes

The essence of the parable: Sniff and Scurry are two mice inside a maze. They were constantly running up and down inside the labyrinth, looking for cheese. Sniff and Scurry keep on running inside the labyrinth, looking for cheese, either. 

It may appear worthless and mindless running to anyone, but such an exercise saves a lot of time and energy. 

Hem and haw are two little people too engaged in looking for cheese inside the maze. They are not hungry but want to find cheese to feel happy and prosperous. Since hem and haw have complex brains-

(a)They devise ways to find the cheese fastest

(b) Making strategy to work best in getting through the maze

(c) Work on tracking the strategy

(d) How will it feel once they find cheese

(e) Hoping when they will finally get it

(f) Speculating every time they look into the maze for cheese

Putting the story in the perspective of human life, one is always wondering how success looks like. How can one find success? A moment spends speculating for success is a moment wasted. The message thus inferred is human being have a complex brain, but it is not advised that human being makes the things complicated. So the author opines to just doing the things instead imagine about them. 

Any amount of cheese will not last for a longer time. Hence, one must move on to another destination in search of another stack of cheese. On getting success, one becomes so preoccupied that hardly they care that success will not last for a longer time. Suddenly one fine morning, hem and haw found that someone else had moved their cheese. Now both of them felt depressed. Instead of looking for newer things and aims, they returned to where they had started. Now they are hungrier and weaker. The message one can learn is that no success lasts forever.

Worrying is the biggest hindrance in finding new success. Fear checks a person from taking a step forward. Therefore, courage is needed to challenge the fear and lead to success. 

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