Quick Summary of Little Book of Big Lies by Tina Lifford

Book Review of Little Book of Big Lies

What did I like the most? An outstanding book which, if followed, may bring a revolutionary change in one’s life.  

This book has 11 big questions which, when answered honestly by oneself, would change the thinking pattern of a human being, and they may live with more self-compassion. 

Question 1: does one think some pain lasts forever? The word forever puts a complete stop and leaves a problem or pain unattended or with no solution. The author suggests that if the word ”forever is replaced by ”up and until now” or ”from this point forward,” a remarkable change in mental outlook would change the thinking pattern. 

Question 2: does one is living life thinking something wrong or against anyone? The author suggests that fantasy stress or natural stress equally impact a person’s nervous system. To remove stress again, one must correct their mind and thinking pattern. 

Question 3: do one is bullied by personal trauma? The author suggests that people with fixed mindsets are not happy and face many health problems. People with a growth mindset are more productive and happy in life. 

Question 4: is tired of being knocked down by the end of old patterns? The author suggests that if one can overcome the old routine. They can find new heights and capabilities which can even surprise them. 

Question 5: does anyone think that their feeling does not matter? The author says that everyone’s feelings matter. The feelings may not always tell the truth, but they deserve consideration. 

Question 6: what does one mean when they say “I cannot”? The author suggests that when someone uses this terminology, they mean “I choose not to.” 

Question 7: what does one mean when one says, “I am upset because……..” The writer suggests as long as one doesn’t realize that the problem lies within the person, they would look outwards and blame someone else for the negative feelings one is carrying inside. 

Question 8: what if anyone’s one day starts today? The author suggests that to get to one day, one must start investing now. 

Question 9: what is absolute confidence? The author suggests feelings are not realities. 

Question 10: Is there such a thing as “I had done with that”? The author warns the person to solve the problem by attacking the root cause of the problem. 

Question 11: do the circumstances boss one around? The author opines and suggests that no circumstance can boss one around. Instead, it is an infinite self that lives within every person and prevents one from speaking factual truth. 

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