Prime versus Zoom lens – Many Pros and Cons of the Two for Quality Photography

Advantages and Disadvantages of Prime and Zoom Lens

Prime versus Zoom lens – Many pros and cons of the two for quality photography. Lenses used in camera can be categorized into two types – prime and zoom. A lens with a single focal length only is called a prime lens. These lenses are available with various values of focal length but each of the lenses will have a fixed focal length. Another type of lens called zoom lens is the one where the photographer will have a different value of the focal length in a single lens. In recent times the zoom type of lens has become popular since you can shoot with both the option of wide as well as long focal length without the need to change lenses in between the shoot.

People in different forums keep on arguing for pro and cons of each of the lenses. There are advantages and disadvantages of each of the lenses which can be discussed here in detail. Some of the main benefits of having prime lenses are here as follows. Prime lenses are high in quality which produces exceptionally crisp, clean and precise snaps. However, every manufacturer has lenses in each of the type (zoom and prime) that are either capable of producing sharp or muddy results in photography. In general prime lenses are of quite high quality.

Construction-wise prime lenses are simple having very less moving parts so are cheaper. But not all the prime lenses are less in price as there are many factors that determine the price of the of a lens. The simple construction of the prime lens makes it smaller in size and consequently lighter in weight. Generally, prime lenses are faster as compared to zoom lenses though with times there is continued improvement in the zoom lens. Many experts feel that zoom lenses make the person lose creativity as a photographer.

Prime versus Zoom lens 

Once using zoom lens photographer can stay at a place and take shots simply with the use of zoom feature, no need for you to move in order to have the best angle for a given focal length. The prime lens offers a challenging situation for you since you have to do a lot more thinking and subsequently have to work harder. You can still be a creative photographer even when you are using a zoom lens.

One of the arguments of people who are in favor of prime lens is that zoom lens is bulky and heavier, but those who are for zoom lens argue that only one lens is to be carried instead of a number of lenses. Next, you don’t have to change the lens and hence the risk of dust getting on the image sensor of the camera is avoided. This will have in protecting your camera from damage.

Even though the price of the zoom lens is more as compared to the prime lens but when the cost of a number of prime lenses required to cover all the focal lengths is taken together it is comparable. Using a zoom lens will add flexibility to photography. In a few moments only you can capture shots with various perspective and great variety. The situation where a change in scenario is very quick like wedding and sports zoom lens in your camera will make your photography very easy to handle.

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