Non Woke Rappers

The Non Woke Rappers

Non Woke Rappers – Rappers are often praised for being woke and conscious. They are seen as a voice of the people, speaking out on the issues that matter most to us all. However, there are some rappers who don’t always speak up when they should. These five rappers in particular have done some questionable things in the past few years that show they really aren’t all that woke:

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Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is not woke, and there are many reasons for this.

  • Fetty Wap does not appear to be aware of the problems facing black people in America today.
  • He seems to be unaware of the fact that black people are disproportionately affected by poverty, police brutality, and other issues facing our nation today.
  • Fetty’s music videos include several depictions of violence which would negatively impact black communities if they were an accurate representation of how they live their lives (and they’re not).


Camron is not woke because he is a rapper. Rappers, in general, are not woke. They rap about things that are important to them and their community, but they don’t want to be “woke.” A rapper has a lot of power over what people think is cool like wearing certain clothes or listening to certain music. Camron knows this and uses it as a tool for himself and his image by making sure he’s always wearing the latest fashions so people will see how much money he has—which makes him un-woke.

Kid Cudi

You may not know this, but rapper Kid Cudi is not woke. In fact, he is far from it. His music has been very influential in the rap community and has helped many artists find success in the industry, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good person or someone you should listen to if you want to feel like your life matters. He has been accuse of not being sensitive to marginalized groups in  his music.

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In short, he’s not woke. Why? Because he is a rapper who makes very rap-y music and has amassed a lot of money doing so. Also, because he has an interest in capitalism. He may be woke on some things, but overall, he’s not.


If you’re a fan of Future, you may be wondering why he’s on this list. After all, he’s a talented rapper who has given us hits like “Mask Off” and “Walk on Minks.” However, in addition to being a great musician, Future is also a terrible role model and overall human being. He may be able to spit some dope bars but that doesn’t mean he’s not problematic as hell:

  • His lyrics are often misogynistic and offensive
  • He has several children from multiple women with whom he has no relationship (it looks like these women are now suing him for child support payments)
  • His most recent album was a self-absorbed rant about his personal problems that did nothing but alienate his fans

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Non Woke – We hope you enjoyed this list. We tried to include rappers that many of us might not know about. If you know more, please leave additional suggestions in the comments below!

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