Which Country Is The Least Woke?

Which Country Is The Least Woke? – America is the least woke country in the world. The hatred for transgender people is well-documented, but it’s not just trans issues that make them so unaccepting of others. They are still not over racial discrimination, and there are plenty of Americans who think it’s OK to discriminate against others. Plus, even though America has arguably made progress on its attitudes toward women, they still aren’t quite there yet when it comes to gender identity and sexual orientation.

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Majority of Americans Think It’s OK to Discriminate Based On Gender Identity

The problem with discrimination in America isn’t just that it exists; it’s also how widespread it is. While some people think of discrimination as something that happens only occasionally or in isolated incidents, those who have experienced it firsthand know better: discrimination happens everywhere and all the time.

America is Deeply Divided on The Concept of “Racial Discrimination”

This division manifests itself in many ways, most notably in the fact that it is very difficult to define what “racial discrimination” actually means. Most Americans would agree, however, that racial discrimination should not be tolerated and should be eradicated from our society as quickly as possible. However, there are many other Americans who do not feel this way and believe that we should tolerate some amount of racial discrimination so as not to upset certain people’s delicate sensibilities.

Another thing that most Americans agree on is what they call themselves: American citizens and residents of the United States of America U-S-A. But there are also some people who prefer different names for themselves like “countrymen” or “people of color.” They feel these terms more accurately reflect their identity than “citizens” does because citizens don’t necessarily reflect gender identity or sexual orientation, whereas countrymen and people of color do.

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Not All Americans are Homophobic, But Many A,re

While many Americans are supportive of gay and lesbian people, there are still a number of Americans who do not feel comfortable with the idea of being around them. As reported by Gallup, only 69% of Americans say they would be comfortable having a gay or lesbian person as their neighbor compared to 86% who would feel comfortable with an atheist. This amounts to approximately 30% of the population who is uncomfortable with gay neighbors and therefore could be considered homophobic.

Similarly, while Americans have become more comfortable with gay people in recent years as evidenced by their increased support for same-sex marriage, 27% still do not support same-sex relationships in general. Moreover, although President Obama repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell during his presidency a policy which barred openly homosexual members from serving in the military, many conservatives were against this decision and continue to oppose LGBT rights such as same-sex marriage and transgender bathroom laws today.

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Which Country Is The Least Woke? – America may be one of the least woke countries in the world, but that doesn’t mean all Americans are like this. There are many people who care deeply about social justice and equality, but they don’t always have a voice because they aren’t being heard by others around them. Hopefully with more education and outreach we can change things for future generations so that everyone feels welcome regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

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