Woke Mind Virus What Does It Mean?

Woke Mind Virus can be groupthink, whereby a group of people share the same opinions without properly considering other views, or it can be mobbing, where one person’s view is singled out and attacked by a larger group.

The term “woke mind virus” was first coined by feminist and anti-racist activist Michelle Malkin, who used it to describe a form of identity politics that she saw as growing increasingly illiberal and dogmatic. It’s a phrase that’s been adopted by many other critics of left-wing identity politics in the US, including Milo Yiannopoulos and Ben Shapiro.

The rise of the alt-right, and their increasing popularity, has made it clear that there are some serious issues with the way we discuss politics and identity in America. The left and right both have their own problems with this, but it seems like the left tends to lean towards an illiberal form of identity politics that focuses on power differentials between groups.

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What Does It Mean?

A woke mind virus is a way of thinking about social issues particularly issues related to race, gender and sexuality that assumes that any differences in outcomes between groups are due to power differentials. In other words, it assumes that there are no inherent differences between people or groups of people, but rather that these differences are created by society through systemic biases. This can lead to an inability to see the possibility that some groups might be better at certain things than others say, women being better at multitasking than men because they’re more suited for them; instead, it leads to an assumption that all differences are caused by oppression or discrimination.

How You Can Get Infected

WokeMV isn’t just bad journalism or lousy political analysis it’s an actual mental health disorder that is taking over our culture and driving us apart. Here are some signs you might be infected:

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  1. You believe that everyone else is just as woke as you are and should be able to agree with everything you say or else, they’re racist/sexist/transphobic/etc.
  2. You think every disagreement is an act of violence against your identity group as opposed to simply an opinion.
  3. You get upset when people point out that radical feminism has been linked to mental illness and suicide among young women, because “how dare they try to silence my voice?”

The results of Woke Mind Virus have been devastating, especially in online communities where individuals have been driven out of their homes, lost their jobs, or had their families torn apart because they dared to question the status quo.

The Woke Mind Virus leads to a toxic political environment where people feel unable to speak their minds for fear of being called out for their privilege or lack thereof. This harms our ability to have constructive conversations about the problems in society, because we’re too busy checking our own privilege and avoiding being called out for not doing so.

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The Woke Mind Virus has created a toxic political atmosphere where people are afraid to speak their minds, lest they be called out as racist, sexist, or privileged. This prevents us from having constructive conversations about the problems in society and instead focuses our attention on policing each other’s language rather than solving the issues that face all of us.

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