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National Library Australia – Australia is a destination which is not just a highly developed country but a lot more than that. Apart from excelling well in terms of industrialization and urbanization, the country is also said to have flourished with a number of tourist spots. The National Library Australia is the heart of Australia, not only because it is a well-developed library, but because of its glorious collection of books, as well as manuscripts. The National Library Australia is the largest reference library of Australia. The jurisdiction of this library is maintained by the  Australian Government. This library is headquartered at Canberra, and is considered responsible for maintaining and developing a national collection of library material, along with an extensive collection of all the library material of Australia and its citizens.

History of the National Library Australia:

The National Library Australia was formally established as a result of the passage of the National Library Act, 1960. Since then, this library has been functioning as the National Library and not a strict Parliamentary Library.

Prior to this, in the year 1901, a Commonwealth Parliamentary Library was formed in order to provide its service to the Australian Federal Parliament. Soon, it was driven towards the development of national collection. After that, the present building of the library was made open in the year 1968. The National Library Australia was designed by the Architectural firm called Bunning and Madden.

The Extensive Collection:

At the National Library, you will find an extensive collection of all kinds of books and manuscripts. The library collection in the year 2013 comprised of 6,496,772 items. This gigantic collection includes all kinds of books, manuscripts, journals, reports, websites, pictures, photographs, media material, maps, oral history, musical records and other kinds of ephemera. The National Library Australia comprises not only of the Australian and general collection, but embraces other collections as well. You will find a diverse Asian collection in different languages that include Burmese, Chinese, Persian, Korean, Lao, Thai and many more.

National Library Australia – Paradise for Bibliophiles: 

The National Library Australia is undoubtedly the place to be in for all kinds of bookworms. This library is unlike any regular library where you would only find yourself surrounded by piles of commentaries. The National Library is the destination where you can gain full knowledge about the country’s existence and also manuscripts of other different nations.

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