Best Restaurants in Canberra

You Should Check Out These Restaurants For A Cozy Stay in Canberra

Over the years, Canberra has proved to be what they call a food heaven. A variety of fresh products, as well as famous coffee roasters, beer brewers and winemakers. Delicious regional food however; doesn’t need to empty your wallet. That being said, we bring you the list of some of the best cheap eats in Canberra; where get your stomach happy for a decent price. So here we are going to talk about Best Restaurants in Canberra.

Some Best Restaurants in Canberra Are :-

Tilley’s Devine Café Gallery, Lyneham

What used to be a women-only venue, nowadays is one of the favorite places of Canberra locals.  You’ll hardly find a cozier café while Tilley’s unique atmosphere will create an experience of its own. Imagine a retro piano bar with various wooden booths, staff dressed in suspenders, and large indoor plants arranged around cozy carpets. The star meal here is surely breakfast; an English Lot to be precise (cooked breakfast with bacon, sausages, eggs, and grilled vegetables). Moreover, Tilley’s has a tempting variety of cakes and brews; as well as a tasty and strong coffee.

Griffith Vietnamese, Griffith

Griffith Vietnamese Restaurant is located in Canberra’s inner south. White walls are covered with handwritten testimonials praising both the food on offer, as well as Mr. Tan himself. He will be kind enough to create a menu according to your preferences after a few minutes of your talk– all that without you even having to ask for the menu. However, if you prefer to order a la carte, there’s a great variety of the food to choose from, all so tasty it will leave you wanting more.

The Old Canberra Inn, Lyneham

This 150-year-old pub is a prized, local gem. It was built in 1857, and it started as a private home at first. After some time; the owners acquired a liquor license, and the story of the Inn begun. Today, it’s a number one spot for all the gourmet burger lovers, as well as those wanting to try a good local beer.  When talking about local beer; the Indian pale ales and the alcoholiclemonade are the highlights you must try. The inn is furthermore special for its vintage furniture, live music, as well as the kids’ play area; so the families can enjoy their night out without pressure.

CBD Dumpling House, city center

The CDB Dumpling House is a relative newcomer to the city dining scene. However, the Dumpling House will surely leave you breathless if you’re looking for something unusual and fresh. Moreover, they have an open kitchen concept, which is a great thing for those who want to take a look at the cooking process. Their service is fast so your fresh cooked ingredients will be in front of you in no time. Their tasty dumplings are usually served on white plates, accompanied by some additional extras.

Their desserts offer is as good as the main dishes, so feel free to choose a dessert according to your taste with no fear of being disappointed at the end. The venue can get noisy at tames due to all the visitors, but it is definitely worth your visit. Hopefully this article will help you enjoy your meals at a reasonable price during your stay in this beautiful city. Whichever you choose you can’t go wrong; it is just a matter of personal taste.

So these are some Best Restaurants in Canberra. If you want to know more then please checkout our previous articles for better knowledge.

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