Top Three Attractions in Charnwood, Belconnen

Best 3 Food Outlets to Visit in Charnwood, Belconnen

Charnwood was established in 1971. Unlike the many other suburbs, Charnwood is not named after a prime minister but rather a location in England. Charnwood often appears in the rankings as the most affordable suburbs for both buyers and renters! Charnwood is known for its mouth-watering dishes and meals served and marvellous restaurants!

1. Charnies Noodle and Dumplings

Delicious food, excellent customer service, and speedy services. Charnies noodles and dumplings always serve the best to their customers! The owners are just delightful and friendly and are dedicated to providing the best to everyone.


  • Chinese
  • Asian
  • Malasian

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2. Coffee Guru

Pass by the coffee guru and grab a coffee on your way on the road! Normally coffee smirks too much and has too much flavor syrups, but coffee guru nails their work. This is an excellent spot for breakfast, with a calming and desirable atmosphere. Come once, and crave for one more time!

3. Charnwood Bowl

Charnwood bowl is one of Canberra’s oldest skating parks from the late ’70s. The skate park is also one of the most iconic skateparks with its signature snake runs! This is a great place to have some fun. Not just that, it also has a wide area to take a stroll on and enjoy the scenery. The skate bowl is definitely worth the visit if you are in Canberra!

Did You Know?

Charnwood is said to be one of the most caring suburbs in Canberra. The suburb had a large group of carers and only a few public servants!

Charnwood as a Whole

One of Canberra’s best-valued suburbs, Charnwood in outer west Belconnen is a quiet suburb with easy access to various facilities. The affordability factor also makes it popular for families. Charwood has its own team of dedicated and hardworking people to keep the place marvelous. It is definitely worth the visit!

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