Melbourne City Centre, Australia

Melbourne – The Most Livable City On The Earth

Melbourne, The beautiful city of Australia has been voted the “Most livable city on the earth.”  Not only for living, but Melbourne is also a great holiday destination. It has many amazing shopping centres, bustling streets, MCG and skyscrapers. If you are wondering what makes it so special to be the most livable city on the earth?  Your query will be answered when you see Melbourne. The vibrancy of the streets of Melbourne is magical.

	 Melbourne City Centre, Australia
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Well, one picture is worth a hundred words, so just see it feel it within you.

Melbourne is a multicultural city with Harry Potter laneways with some of the greatest pieces of street art. It is also UNESCO City of Literature.


It was founded by Batman!! Well, not that batman! but by John Batman and John Pascoe Fawkner in 1835. The Hoddle Grid, designed by Robert Hoddle and Queen Victoria Market are the oldest parts of Melbourne. While Melbourne is developed around this Grid bounded by La Trobe Street, Spring Street, Flinders and Spencer Street.

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The whole city has an extensive network of tram beside the spacious streets which are all greenery oriented. So, it’s all easy to just grab a seat in Tram and has a look around the city buzzing with life. Melbourne is beautiful; it truly deserves the title of the most livable city. The tram offered a clockwise service comprising places like Flinders street, La Trobe Street and Nicholson Street.  Travelling on the tram is a great idea to familiarize yourself with the city.

Things To Do

But then,  to discover “the most livable city” the only possible way is to take a detailed tour. The art enthusiast will find it heartening to see lovely art galleries. The National Gallery of Victoria and Ian Potter Centre had great art collections. But even the lanes of Flinders Street hosted several admirable art pieces in the private galleries.

However, the narrow laneways of Melbourne give a new dimension to Australia’s art capital. Once designed as shortcut passages, are now world-renowned for their street art and murals. These paintings just take away any feeling of confinement in the lanes and render one awestruck.

As a UNESCO city of literature, it is known for its literary work and functions. Reading at The State Library of Victoria is an overwhelming experience; do not miss doing that.

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 State Library of Victoria

The serene Royal Botanic Gardens dating from 1857 is an amazing place to visit. An ideal place for a family picnic with a date with flora.

The visit to Melbourne City Centre cannot be concluded without a shopping spree at its famous markets. Boasted with a number of shopping options ranging from small boutiques to high-end malls, there is something for everyone.

There are only limited things that can be described in an article about Melbourne City Centre, so if you want to discover go yourselves!!!! It rightly deserves the ‘most livable city title.’ Melbourne is worth a visit.

Ever visited the most livable city and great holiday destination of Melbourne? Amazed by the vibrancy of the magical Melbourne City centre? Please share your experience with us below or send through your story here.

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