Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park – Western Australia

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park Photo by David Stanley - CC2.0

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park is a worth visiting national park which is located in the South Western of Western Australia. It is located at a distance of 267 kilometers of the Western Australia Capital, Perth. This park has been named after two different location which are located at the either end of the park namely, Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. This national park is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Australia. Interestingly, Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park entertains the highest number of visitors than any other national park in Australia. It is well known for its wide network of caves, karri as well as jarrah forests.

Flora and fauna at the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park:

The Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park stretches up to an area of 190.92 square kilometers. This national park is a home to a number of animals and bird species as well as natural vegetation of Australia. The vegetation found in this park various from different coastal scrub heath along the coast line which eventually opens up into the large areas of banksia, karri forest and peppermint trees. Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park embraces a great variety of species of birds as well as many sea birds which includes white breasted robin, red-eared firetail, rock parrot andemu, etc. The native mammals found here include the western grey kangaroos, southern brown bandicoots, brush wallabies as well as western ringtail possums.

Activities and adventures:

Indulge in the beauty of the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park by taking long hikes in the bushes. The sealed paths, boardwalks and limestone tracks have been specially constructed for short walks. Explore the dense vegetation and the beautiful wildlife here. You can also take a hike on the 135 kilometers Cape to Cape tracks that follows the coast from the beautiful Cape Naturaliste, Dunsborough to Cape Leeuwin, Augusta.

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