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Aiming to save time and perform most of your work on a computer effectively?

Want to develop your skill set and put it on your resume as a fast typist? Or striving to reduce your error count when you type fast? Well worry no more as you have landed on the right place.

We can assist you to type fast, without making any errors and saving your time and money at the same time.

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Well, people that are beginners at ten-finger typing style are required to pick between either looking for the keys on the keyboard or doing creative thinking. So in case you furthermore would like to think creatively as you type, keep reading on.

Test your Typing Speed

As a beginner you can start by testing your current typing speed.

 With speed typing test online, anyone can easily and effectively monitor their progress at learning the touch typing techniques.

Techniques to Type Faster Than an Average Person 

The basic techniques to learn to type faster are few finger positions that one must keep in mind while typing any text. 

  • While starting on the first lesson, one must carefully place his Index fingers on the F key and J key, as shown in the picture below. 
  • Following the first step, one must focus and place his left hand fingers on A, S, D, AND F and your right hand fingers on J, K, and L. These keys are also commonly known as “Home Keys”.

If you try to look carefully with your Index fingers of both hands, you will observe a little bump on the key F and key J.

  • While you are typing a text, you must always remember to come back to these keys as soon as you are done pressing the intended key. This technique lets your mind know all the times where you are on your keyboard and how to move to press the next intended key.

If you don’t find your way back to the F and J key again, you might get lost in your movements on the keyboard and make lots of typing errors.

This shows the reason for the first lesson where you learn to press the J and F keys without moving or pressing the other keys.

 How to do Touch Typing?

The touch typing technique is also often called as blind typing. The reason is that while doing the touch typing, you type without looking at the keyboard. 

The finger positioning technique mentioned above is one of the most important steps to learn Touch typing. 

While learning to type fast, one must use specific fingers for the same keys shown in the picture below. 

Once you start getting comfortable with the finger positioning and its use, you can begin learning to type without looking at the keyboard. 

Be patient during learning if you make mistakes calmly and improve your skills with proper practice. After practicing for quite a time, you will be familiar with the keys positioning and your style to move fingers from the home keys to other keys and then back to home keys. 

How to Know Which Key to Press Next 

There are two methods to understand what key to press next. 

  • You can observe the key which is being highlighted on the virtual keyboard with yellow light. As shown in the picture below
  • The next key to press might be shown by an arrow on the line that you are typing. 


There is only one requirement for this course that you practice with your typing skills regularly and efficiently. Try to type a few assignments on your computer, and in a time of 15 to 30 days, you can be a pro at Typing fast.

Our tutorials can help you to learn the correct body postures while typing effectively, or the proper technique to use your fingers on the keyboard. Again, you can test your typing speed and skills every week or at the end of the course to measure your progress.


Easy Type  has trained more than hundreds of students, entrepreneurs, or senior executives to type fast and type accurately with making minimum mistakes in the minimum time.

After completing an easy typing course, you can type effectively and efficiently, saving time and making no typing errors.

Your work progress will be tripled with easy typing skills, and you will be able to finish your work promptly on time.

We have never met even a single client who regretted taking this course to improve his typing skills or develop easy typing techniques.

Image by Daniel Agrelo from Pixabay 

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