Apple Smart Keyboard Design and Features

Apple Smart Keyboard

 Apple event is considered as the most awaited event of the year. This is the event where tech maniacs gather to experience the new tech revolution brought up by Apple.

This year in September, Apple held its event. Most innovative products were presented at this event. No matter how much rumors you hear, Apple always comes up with something beyond your imagination.

iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Apple TV, Apple watch and Apple Smart keyboard were the highlighted products at that event.

Apple Smart Keyboard Design and features

In this article we are going to discuss Apple Smart Keyboard in detail.

Innovative Design:

Apple 1st tried to make a custom keyboard in 2010 for iPad. That was not pleasantly welcomed by users. But this time top engineers of top company came up with the most innovative design of smart keyboard. Before going further, I will say one thing. Alphabets are the only thing that are not innovative in this keyboard.


One of the best feature of Apple Smart Keyboard is its portability. You can take this keyboard anywhere you want to. It’s slimmer and lighter in weight. When you need it, just unfold it. It can serve as a stand for your iPad Pro and keyboard simultaneously. When you are not using it, just make it cover for the protection of your iPad Pro. This keyboard is so durable that can bear everyday use easily.


As I said earlier, alphabets are the only thing that are not new in this smart keyboard. Anything else is absolutely new and innovative. For production of Apple Smart keyboard, Engineers on board designed a custom made woven fabric for making outer covering of keyboard. This fabric is laser ablated to form shapes of all keys. Instead of a typical spring key system, this fabric has created tension to serve the purpose. Keys on the smart keyboard are just 4 mm thin, a perfect symbol of accuracy, stability and preciseness. Keys on smart keyboard are resistant to spilling and stains.

Powerful Communication:

Apple Smart Keyboard is free from any switches or pairing headache. You must be thinking how this keyboard is gonna connected to iPad Pro. The experts on Apple team made a material consisted upon nylon and metal. This material is unique that has conductivity. It means you just have to place iPad Pro in the right position on the keyboard. This conductive material will serve as communication gate between both devices. The communication is dual that will transfer data and power between both devices. In this way, keyboard will get charged and you can type on iPad Pro at the same time.

No Plugs and Switches:

It is always frustrating to pair or plug devices using USB cables or wires. The smart keyboard has a solution for this problem. There is a connector place on the stand of smart keyboard. Same connector is placed on the side of iPad Pro. You just need to place iPad at that place where both connector get connected. In this way, conductive fabric will serve the purpose of communication between both devices. While you have no headache of keeping check on cables or wires.

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