5 Reasons You Should Learn CPR

Did you know more than 356,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every single year? However, proper lifesaving skills can affect how a cardiac emergency unfolds.

Have you ever considered learning CPR? Learning CPR can be one of the most important things you do to prepare for a disaster or your family’s health emergency. Yet most people haven’t completed the steps to become certified.

If this sounds like you, you must read why you should learn CPR. Not only is it lifesaving, but it can also give you invaluable skills.

1. Saving a Life

CPR is a lifesaving skill that everyone should know. Those trained in CPR can make a massive difference in the outcome of an emergency.

CPR can differentiate between life and death for someone experiencing cardiac arrest. When the heart stops pumping blood, every second counts.

If someone knows CPR, they can start chest compressions to help keep the blood moving and buy time until medical help arrives. In many cases, CPR successfully restores a normal heart rhythm and saves the person’s life. 

2. Job Opportunities

One of the main reasons you should learn CPR is for more job opportunities. With CPR training, you can increase your chances of getting hired for various positions.

Many healthcare employers require CPR certification. If you want the CPR or first aid certification, visit for more information.

3. Reduce Stress in Emergencies

Learning CPR could reduce stress in emergencies. Knowing CPR lets you act quickly and confidently in an emergency.

In addition, knowing CPR can help ease any anxiety you may feel after an emergency, as you did everything you could to help the patient.

4. It Provides a Basic Understanding of First Aid

Learning CPR is essential for everyone because it provides an understanding of basic first aid. Knowing proper first aid techniques helps individuals respond quickly and efficiently to a medical emergency.

It helps to increase a victim’s chance of survival in case of an urgent medical incident. With proper first aid training, individuals can respond adequately during cardiac or respiratory arrest.

It also equips individuals with the knowledge of performing different emergency treatments, including defibrillation, chest compressions, and rescue breathing.

5. Learning CPR Is Cost Effective

Learning CPR is an incredibly cost-effective means of potentially saving a life. People of any age can benefit from becoming certified in the practice. CPR classes are generally inexpensive and widely available in most areas.

The average cost of an adult CPR class can be as low as $20-$55, making it incredibly cost-effective. Becoming certified in CPR is a small price for the potential life that could be saved.

It may seem like a minor expense now, but the skill and knowledge obtained through mastering CPR may be priceless.

Learn CPR Today

Learning CPR is a lifesaving skill that can give job opportunities. It provides an understanding of basic first aid, reduces stress during emergencies, and is cost-effective.

Having this knowledge can help as a conversation starter and an emergency responder. Take advantage of the opportunities to learn CPR today and equip yourself to perform CPR.

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