10 Strategic Approaches to Research and Writing a Family Law Dissertation

To start working as a family law solicitor, you have to undertake an exam named Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE), or if you are eligible, you can go for a Legal Practice Course (LPC). But, to become a practising barrister, it is necessary for students to craft and submit a high-quality family law dissertation to a supervisor. 

70% of family law barristers, per the findings of Prospectus, earn a whopping amount of £30,000 to £150,000 as their salary. This area of law is extremely rewarding and even interesting for the students pursuing this field. But to pursue a career in family law, students have to show their expertise and abilities in the court, while dealing with the cases. 

When students are busy attending and preparing for their strenuous court sessions, the deadline for dissertation submissions keeps distracting them and often disturbs their focus. It is always better to let a professional dissertation writer take responsibility for a well-crafted paper tailored to the student’s requirements while they improve their court performance. That’s exactly how several law students take their academic progress to a new level. 

Before moving on to the techniques for writing a top-class family law dissertation on your own, let’s familiarise ourselves with what family law is. 

What Is Family Law?

The University of Law defines the job of family lawyers as the people who deal with cases of child contact, adoption, separation, divorce, and financial settlements between the separated parties. This field of law has three main areas of work, which are mentioned below:

  • Child law
  • Matrimonial law
  • Finance law

A well-written family law dissertation covers different areas, such as child abuse, child arrangements, inheritance issues, guardianship, neglect, domestic violence and more.  

How Long Does It Take to Become a Family Lawyer UK?

Rayden Solicitors informs us of the time it takes to become a family lawyer in the UK. It takes around 6 years to earn a qualification as a lawyer. Some law firms provide the students with Legal Apprenticeships after they finish their A-levels. 

How Do You Write a Family Law Dissertation?

Struggling with your work? We are here to help. The top 10 tips to help you write custom dissertations on family law are the following:

1. Pick a Topic That Inspires You

Out of all the law dissertation topics you are considering, pick the one that interests you the most. Dissertation writing becomes a piece of cake when the topic genuinely intrigues you. Your work shall also reflect your dedication if the topic is of your choice. 

2. Research Goals

It is always vital to consider each aspect of your dissertation by which the quality of your papers shall be evaluated. Make your family law dissertation research questions and aims relevant, feasible and original. Do not set unrealistic goals for the legal topic you have chosen. 

3. Methodology

In the methodology chapter, you provide the readers with a justification of your chosen method to meet the independent research aims and objectives. Compare different options available to you and completely analyse them to see which one supports your research work best. 

4. Deficiencies in Existing Research

Look critically towards the existing research and find the gaps existing there. Recognise the weak points and justify your research goals by stating that you mean to fulfil those deficiencies. Show the readers how your research shall be an important contribution to your discipline. 

4. Scope of Your Work

Not all family law dissertations can meet the desired objectives of the research work and that is fine. If you come across something that is outside of the scope of your research, simply state it in your dissertation. Also, clearly mention the limitations of your work in the dissertation. 

5. Get Critical Feedback

Analyse the data you use in your work critically first and then get your work reviewed by an external person. Be keen to know more about the importance of your research avenues. For feedback purposes, you can hire dissertation editing assistance from professional proofreaders and editors. 

6. Be Original in Your Work

Nothing beats the authenticity of original dissertations, especially when you are working in the area of family relationships, divorce law, financial issues, and child custody cases. Do not use the work of other researchers without giving them proper credit first. 

7. Academic Conventions

Any family law dissertation writing process is incomplete if you do not use appropriate academic conventions in your work. Flawlessly use these conventions; include bibliographies, reports, abstracts, title pages, footnotes, and references in your work. 

8. A Thorough Analysis

Whatever research you have conducted, keep the quality of your analysis in mind when you are reviewing your work for a final time. Evaluate if your family law dissertation structure is on point or if it needs improvement. Make sure your papers effectively reflect your work experience in law firms and are written in a concise manner. 

9. Results of Your Dissertation

The results of your dissertation should be in accordance with the research objectives. Show your readers how both these elements are related in your work. Precisely construct your results in a clear way so that there is no ambiguity in the minds of readers. Provide a summary of your results at the start of the abstract section. 

Family Law Dissertation Hot Topics for 2024

A list of five trending family law dissertation ideas for 2024 is listed here. You can pick any of these topics for your research and dissertation writing process:

  1. What are some prominent signs of child abuse? Also, describe the repercussions for those who do not report the child abuse cases.
  2. Provide a detailed comparative analysis of the family law systems per the international laws. 
  3. Explore the effect of alimony laws when they are applied to family dynamics. 
  4. Discuss in detail the impact of divorce on the intergenerational economic mobility of both parties that split up.
  5. Discus and elaborate on the role of values and social norms in family laws. Also, provide a case study of the UK. 

Family Law Dissertation Examples

To further help you pick a family law dissertation topic; here are some examples of dissertations for family law students:

  • A detailed exploration of the domestic violence that happens in the context of family law
  • Determine the effect of no-fault divorce cases and laws on the mental health and behaviours of children
  • Discuss in detail if you think that family values can be promoted with the support of diverse book-reading clubs.


In summary, we have defined family law, writing techniques and some trendy dissertation topics to pick for your work. To write a winning family law dissertation, follow the guidelines we have mentioned in this article. Regarding the dissertation content, your research data must be taken from credible and authentic sources only. Furthermore, do not forget to make a reference list at the end of your work. 

Dissertations are long to write and oftentimes, they take a toll on the mental health of students. Academic burnout makes students worldwide seek reliable help. It is always better to rely on a skilled writer’s expertise when you need professional assistance. So, make a better choice and avail of family law dissertation help online from experts who can tailor your paper to your custom guidelines. Unwind and relax!

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