Top 5 Skin Types | Discover Your Skin Type To Get Best Beauty Tips Accordingly

Let’s discover your skin type to get best beauty tips according to your skin that actually work for you flawlessly. As many girls report that beauty product won’t work for them as manufacturer promised while there is no flaw in beauty products but you might be not well aware with your skin type to choose best beauty solutions for you accordingly.

Discover your skin type to select beauty products for you!

Let’s discuss about different skin types to have better knowledge.

1- Normal Skin

Usually normal skin gives smooth look & feel but can be dry in winter and oily in summer season, we can say normal skin type can give reaction according to environment. Women having normal skin type are the luckiest ones as they can try different beauty products without any fear.

2- Oily Skin

Sticky and shiny skin type is known as oily skin. It can give fresh and clean look by start of day but as time passed to evening it starts getting slick, sticky and greasy feels such as if you used oil on face.

Beauty tips for Oily Skin type

  • You should use face powders and foundations that may not cause dryness but can help to control oily shine to give you normal skin looks and feels.
  • Frequently change pillowcases as your oily skin can leave oil in pillow-cover that can irritate your skin later on or may cause different types of skin allergies.
  • Don’t touch your face frequently as it can transfer oil.

3- Dry Skin

Usually due to age or emotions skin can get dried or even weather effects can also make one’s skin drier however still there are ladies having dry skin naturally.

Beauty tips for Dry Skin type

  • Moisturize it, moisturize it, and moisturize it! If you got dry skin naturally, use moisturizing beauty products more frequently to turn it into normal skin especially while you are going for makeover, try moisturizer as base for foundation to get best makeup results.
  • Never use alcoholic based beauty products such as astringents and harsh toners as they can be very harmful for dry skin type.
  • For having smooth looks and feels use CG smoothers or advanced radiance however double duty foundations can also help in moisturizing and giving smooth appearance.

4- Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin type is toughest one to deal with as it can be disturbed easily due to numerous factors such as make, hair products or even weather/temperature change can also affect sensitive skin. Most frequent reactions of sensitive skin type or burning, itching, chafing and stinging skin.

Beauty tips for sensitive Skin

  • Unscented makeup products such as pressed powder or clean makeup products can be very beneficial for clearness.
  • Fragrance-free moisturizer can help to strengthen skin and protects it from irritations.
  • To avoid skin irritations simply don’t use alcohol based or beauty products with fragrances, not even for face washes.

5- Combination Skin

This is a very unique type of skin which rarely recognized as it keeps little oily or normal skin type to dry skin type or something between both.

Beauty Tips of combination skin

  • Oil managing face powders can be used it is little oily in t-zone.
  • Experience different makeup to opt most flexible as routine makeup according to your skin type.

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