How To Get More Matches On Tinder

5 Easy Ways to Get More Matches On Tinder

Not getting enough of those exciting little Tinder notifications? Or not getting them at all? Do not worry, it’s not you. Well, it is you, but you can change that. Here’s how.

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1. Update Your Bio

First of all, don’t try to be funny, because it’s rarely actually funny. It mostly looks sad. Don’t lie and don’t write too much. Leave a little mystery, tickle the other person’s imagination so he or she will want to chat and find out more. Grab someone’s attention, but don’t give anything more than that – let them find out through chat. Like the beginning of a great book. Or a clickbait.

2. Have Good Photos

This means several things. For example – don’t use group photos. Why would you? Are you hoping to find a date or have an orgy? Have good quality photos, so your potential date can actually see you. Also, smile a lot. Be genuinely happy. Because happiness attracts people. Don’t be ashamed to show your sexiest features – that’s what you’re supposed to do on Tinder. Just to clarify, this doesn’t mean nudes. Also, no Photoshop! We all know by now what a photoshopped picture looks like, it’s been around way too long – can’t fake it anymore. Besides, even if you successfully mislead someone, what’s the point? They’re gonna see the true you once you meet and the date will fail.

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3. Have A Friend Help Out

If you’re a woman, ask a male friend whether he finds your profile attractive or not. Whether he would swipe right or left. Also, if you’re a man do the same. And tell your friends to be brutally honest, because it’s in your best interest. If you don’t have any friends (not judging here), read “Tinder Nightmares”.

4. Sync Your FB or Insta Account

This means that he or she can find out more about you, but also match you with the person that has similar interest. Because Facebook/Instagram knows everything about you, remember? And Mark Zuckerberg will gladly help you get laid too.

5. Be Active

Get that thumb in shape and start swiping right. If you’re only looking for perfection in life, you’re never gonna get it because it doesn’t exist. So, liking 2 or 3 profiles a day probably won’t get you much or any matches. Swipe a 100 times a day, and you’ll get at least 1 match we promise. And that’s a lesson for nearly every aspect of life – stay persistent.

There you go. Try it out and come back later to thank us. Also, before you go out on a date with your match (thanks to us, not Mark Zuckerberg), be sure to check out our best dating tips.


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