The Best YouTube Channels for Cricket


The Most Preferred YouTube Channels for Cricket Lovers


Cricket as a sport is quite interesting with a huge fan base all around the world. The sport itself is enjoyed by many people in various countries and most of them love staying informed on everything that happens around it. That is why, whenever a cricketer comes up with a social media account, they acquire a huge following. This is because they hope that the cricketer would share some insights about the sport.

The good news is that the YouTube platform has made everything so easy in the world today. It is a platform that enables many content creators to showcase their content for the world to see. Whenever someone needs to find something fast, they turn to YouTube for help. Cricket is not left behind. You will get all the information involving cricket from the numerous channels on YouTube. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels for Cricket in this article.

A List of 21 of the Best Cricket YouTube Channels

1. was started on December 5th, 2008. The main goal for this channel was and still is to provide the latest news, interviews, highlights, and features concerning cricket. Over the years, the channel has garnered more than 8.12 million subscribers and posts at least one video a week. Although subscribers and fans all over the world would wish for more posts, the channel provides what’s most relevant about the cricket community. All the posts on the channel have been viewed 3,906,781,502 times. 

2. Cricbuzz

With over 2.23 million subscribers, Cricbuzz is surely the top YouTube channel in the world. It is the official channel that broadcasts most of the cricket news in India and around the world. It was started on the 29th of November, 2013 and so far, it has a record of over half a billion views. Since the channel posts videos a day, every cricket lover around the world stays well-informed.

3. My Cricket Production

For all cricket news around the world, My Cricket Production is here to tend to your needs. It was started on February 11th, 2017 and the channel’s main focus is to deliver the latest and most genuine cricket news as they happen in the world. The channel is owned by Yash Tiwari who provides all the updates on time and with utmost precision. Over the years, the channel has managed to achieve over 1.28 million subscribers.

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4. Lord’s Cricket Ground

When you want to find all the news and everything related to cricket, be sure to stop at the Lord’s Cricket Ground YouTube channel. The channel delivers the best moments that take place around the world’s most famed cricket pitches. Everyone is welcomed to take a look at the channel and enjoy the highlight reels, popular interviews, and get enlightened on the history of cricket from whence it was born. The channel has over 678000 subscribers and the posts have been viewed 201,739,222 times and counting.

5. Suhass997 Cricket

If you spend hours scrolling the internet to find spectacular cricket videos, then Suhass997 Cricket is your answer. The channel was started on June 22nd, 2014, and has managed over 734k subscribers. You will find some interesting videos on this channel that will knock you off your seat. The videos on the channel have been viewed over 238,796,320 times.

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6. Cricket Classics

Joined on the 18th of Jan, 2018, Cricket Classics is just the YouTube channel for all the cricket videos you don’t get to see on your screens. Not only that, Cricket Classics provides highlights on popular cricket matches and plenty of cricket archives that aim to entertain different generations of fans. The videos posted help many revive the memories of their experiences while watching the matches. Cricket Classics has over 300k subscribers and the posts have been viewed over 108 million times since its initiation.

7. England & Wales Cricket Board

When searching for the best cricket videos and posts, England & Wales Cricket Board is just the right place to start. It is a channel that was started on the 4th of June, 2008, and has a huge following of over 5.79 million subscribers. The channel delivers plenty of content that involves cricket from every corner of the world to keep cricket lovers entertained and happy. All posts, from the moment the channel started, have been viewed about 1,964,821,197 times and you get new videos at least once per week.

8. Sri Lanka Cricket

Since October 26th, 2012, Sri Lanka Cricket has been posting the latest news, interviews, highlights, and features on cricket. Today, the channel posts at least one video a day to keep all its subscribers and other cricket lovers informed and entertained. The channel has over 3.3 million subscribers and the posts have been viewed collectively 768,840,022 times as of today. It is located in Sri Lanka but any cricket enthusiast around the world can access the channel for their entertainment.

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9. CricketCloud

If you are a diehard cricket fan, then you will enjoy scrolling and watching the videos on the CricketCloud YouTube channel. The channel’s personnel works day and night to ensure they bring the best, popular videos about cricket. The posts may include a plethora of videos that have never been seen before by many cricket enthusiasts worldwide. What’s more, the channel aims to keep you entertained with authentic news and posts about cricket all over the world to ensure you are enlightened. It was started in September 2015 and has over 1.18 million subscribers. All the posts have over 629,703,340 views.

10. Cricket 360

Joined on February the 2nd, 2017, Cricket 360 has always been a provider of a variety of cricket videos. The videos range from the latest news, highlights, funniest bits, and more cricket content. Once on this channel, you are never bored because you will find many videos to keep you entertained. You get at least 4 videos every month from this channel. The number of times the content on this channel has been viewed stands at 88,496,993 as of today and Cricket 360 has close to half a million subscribers.

11. Cricket Today

Based in Bangladesh, Cricket Today is the official YouTube channel in the country which provides the latest news about the sport. The news is enjoyed by many cricket lovers in and outside Bangladesh as it broadcasts both local and international cricket news. It also provided updates and highlight videos on cricket to keep the cricket fan base well-informed as they are entertained. The channel was started on May 7th, 2017 and so far has over 634k subscribers. All the posts collectively have garnered 35,564,292 views up until now.

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12. Cricket South Africa

Do you live in South Africa and want to get the latest on cricket? Don’t worry because you can get everything concerning cricket on the Cricket South Africa channel on YouTube. The channel was started in January of 2013 and has since garnered over 427k subscribers. It brings hot and latest news about cricket to keep all cricket lovers in and out of South Africa well entertained. The posts on the channel have been viewed about 53,166,907 times and the number grows by the day.

13. Cricket News Daily

Many cricket fans love the players aside from the sport itself. That is why they always want to be in the know about everything revolving around the cricket world and community. Cricket News Daily is the right answer as it is a channel in India that delivers the latest news, cricket facts that you didn’t know, and also biographies on your favorite cricket players. The channel posts about 1 video a day to keep all its 446k subscribers happy and entertained. Collectively, all the posts have been visited 93,304,481 times since the 28th of June 2017.

14. Sree Harsha Cricket

India enjoys cricket a lot more than other countries and almost everyone watches, if not participating in the game. Sree Harsha Cricket provides several videos on the platform and the most common ones showcase how talented the cricketers are. The channel delivers videos of cricketers showcasing their dance moves and keeping you all entertained after watching the game. Since October 2016, the channel has managed over 389k subscribers with views totaling 82,089,025.

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15. weCricket

If you are looking for interesting cricket news and everything that revolves around the sport, then weCricket is the solution. The channel was started on February 25th, 2017, and has since had 300k subscribers. It provides amazing news and highlights about cricket that ensure every cricket fanatic is well entertained. The posts on the channel have been visited up to 61,431,436 times as of today. The numbers keep growing as many people would like to know more about the sport through the channel.

16. India Fantasy

For all your Fantasy news on cricket, India Fantasy has your back. It is a channel that was started in August 2017 to provide live cricket updates, betting tips, and info about players, among other news. You get accurate news and stories on cricket if you are a cricket lover in India and beyond. What’s more, you get to enjoy more laughs with the channel than you could anywhere else. With about 260k subscribers, the channel has established itself and has garnered 21,067,208 views and counting.

17.  Cric Sports Online

Cric Sports Online is where you go to live stream cricket matches played in India and other countries where India is involved. It was started in August 2013 and has since achieved 59.9k subscribers. The channel also brings popular interviews and highlights of the sport to keep all cricket lovers in the light. Over the years, all posts have been visited 11,755,276 times and with the growing cricket community, the numbers will be rising by the day.

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18. Cricket Hub

Did you miss a match or want to re-watch? Fear not, for Cricket Hub has your back. Since its inception in September 2017, the channel has been bringing up news on memorable matches and various cricket performances that will leave you mesmerized. What’s more, the channel provides rare footage about cricket, masterclass videos, comedy, and match highlights, among other posts for your entertainment. So far, the views stand at 30,282,689 with 85.8k subscribers.

19.  IndiaCric Live

Started on the 15th of October 2016, IndiaCric Live is a channel on a mission. It aims to bring cricket lovers from all over the world together by sharing information about the sport. The channel shares information on cricket matches, teams topping the charts in the world, fresh talents, and also upcoming matches, among others. Whether you are a local or foreigner, IndiaCric feels like home to every cricket lover in the world. The posts on the channel have been visited 19,204,468 times.

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20.  Cricket Gallery

If you are constantly in search of collective information about cricket, then Cricket Gallery is the place to look. The channel was started on the 13th of July, 2017, and has so far posted several cricket videos for your enjoyment. Here, you are met with different types of cricket news including information about some of the prominent cricketers in the world. You will also find the best players and bowlers, top records, score, history, and ranking points, on this channel.

21. Cricket AfghanStyle

Cricket AfghanStyle was started on the 20th of March, 2017 in Pakistan. The channel aims to provide lots of cricket information including, the latest updates and real-time news related to Afghanistan cricket. The news broadcasted on this channel is authentic. Besides the 100k subscribers, the posts on the channel have been visited over 6.2 million times over the years.


Cricket is played in almost every country in the world. As such, it has garnered a huge following worldwide, second to soccer. For this reason, the fans need to be kept in the know all the time to ensure their loyalty to the game. That is why visiting the above-mentioned YouTube channels is ideal. The channels mentioned above provide plenty of information needed for any cricket lover to stay glued to the game. Even if one missed a game, the channels will be sure to provide highlights or records on the most important parts of the game. These are the best YouTube channels discussed.

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